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Daily Detox, Your Saving Grace!

It all starts in the gut!

For those meaning health, it is understood that seasonally we should look at a complete detox of all the organs or systems. However, doing a gentle daily detox supports healthy Immunity and ensures optimal ongoing healthy functioning of such.

It all starts in the gut!

Leaky gut can allow increased numbers of toxins to enter the circulation. A compromised gut (toxic impaction of the intestinal walls) can also lead to increased toxic overload. For this purpose, Imsyser has a 7-day gentle detox cleanse that may also be used daily ( in smaller dosages) without making the gut lazy. In the same breath, may be used for children in micro-dosages for same purposes especially where irregular bowel movements are present.

It is also a good idea to use a regular parasite cleanse that gently kills off any detrimental bacteria and yeast/fungi that may be upsetting your gut. In the process Candida might be destroyed which is always the first step to good gut and Immune health. Part of a good detox plan involves not only killing off any bad bacteria and yeasts but also replacing the good beneficial bacteria to control growth of the ‘baddies’ as well as heal your digestive system.

Digestive enzymes are also very helpful in restoring balance to the intestinal flora. And with the Imsyser 12-strain Probiotic live culture we not only support optimal gut health in this regard but also support good digestion as the interaction between the various good bacteria in symbiosis with each other releases good healthy digestive enzymes. This product is niche in the market place for IBS cases leaky gut and more specifically killing Candida very effectively.

All health starts and ends in the gut!!

Liver functioning

Once we have healed the gut, it’s time to clean up the liver, which is the body’s main cleansing unit. Your gut is your first body brain for daily cleansing whereas your liver is the second body brain for all night time activity and cleansing. For this purpose; more regularly in those chronically ill or those that have compromised livers, Imsyser shares a really good liver flush. The results are spectacular. Energy goes through the roof as a rule!!


It is always a good simple way f ensuring a regular detox when you add lemon juice to a good healthy water supply for a gentle daily flushing. In extreme cases where toxic overload persists and heavy metals are present I suggest a flat teaspoon of natural zeolite and or bentonite clay late at night to slowly ensure toxic release is ensured.  Hydration also = increased energy!!

Diet is crucial

And not only is your ongoing ability to make good choices crucial but to do juicing as part of your regular routine. Greens always ensure a good healthy detox in all its capacities. Greens ensure optimised circulation which in turn optimises the flushing action!

No sugar! Golden rule no 1!!

Our bodies know what to do and we need to support the natural detox processes daily only if the Immune System is not compromised as in most auto-immune cases. Classically all of the above should be enough but generally isn’t. Imsyser has had an amazing cellular detox product on shelf for almost 12 years – very gently it helps the cellular membrane do the job of deciphering which is needed ( all the elemental nutrition) and allows (and supplies that in wholefood form) that in, whilst gently doing a gentle daily detox removing and assisting in removing unwanted elements out of the cell.

All 100% naturally of course! The results – natural overall health; superb energy and a healthy Immune System; your no 1 defence system.

We have it all at Imsyser …and more…the newly discovered Chaya range will assist in moving all the toxic release out as all circulation is improved. Look no further – available at all leading stores country-wide and in branches of Clicks and Dischem in Namibia as part of the corporate listing. Or simply order directly – call 086 010 3859 or simply 

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