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Critical Choices for Raising Healthy Families

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There is an epidemic of autoimmune disease. Diabetes, Celiac disease and non-Celiac gluten intolerance, Crohn’s disease, asthma, MS, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…but having mentioned these critical illnesses, we are missing everyday issues like migraines, sinusitis, ADD etc many everyday conditions that keep you and your children lacking energy; lacking life!!

Gut health is crucial in restoring the one trigger where most disease starts. the gut!

Nutrition is everything!

‘Let your Food be Your Medicine’ has never been truer in today’s times! But most of us do not even begin to pay attention to this…and even more so, finding the right source of these foods to supply all your basic needs. Organic foods are hard to come by and, even then, how do we manage to secure good soil for such production, which in turn supplies all our nutritional and bacterial needs?  

Fibre Is Good for You!

A diet of fibre-rich organic foods, such as fruits and vegetables, reduces the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and arthritis, to mention but a few. The fibre we eat feeds billions of bacteria in our gut and is the one true source for many of the good bacteria we need for basic body functioning. Keeping them, these unique little ‘bugs’ happy means our Intestines and Immune Systems remain in good working order.

Bacteria and Enzymes are Good for you!

In order to digest food, we need to bathe it in enzymes that help break down its molecules. Those molecules then pass through the gut wall and are absorbed in our intestines. But our bodies make a limited range of enzymes, so that we cannot break down many of the tough compounds in plants i.e. fibre…

You need a Probiotic daily to assist in supplying all these needs….You need the Imsyser 12 Strain Probiotic…

The gut is also lined with a layer of mucous, imbedded with thousands of species of bacteria, part of the human microbiome. Some of these microbes carry the enzymes needed to break down various kinds of dietary fibre. Some of them are actual chemical messengers between the gut and the brain; but most of them actually have crucial functions needed for healthy human functioning…. gut bacteria help maintain a peaceful coexistence with the Immune System

You need a Probiotic daily to assist in supplying all these needs… need the Imsyser 12 Strain Probiotic…

And you had better ensure this gut lining is clean and ready to service these good little messengers…this is another area where the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse may do miracle for most of those battling with low energy levels and or any disease, no matter its origin or nature. Intestinal cells rely on chemical signals from the bacteria to work properly, signalling multiplying and making a healthy supply of mucous. They also release bacteria-killing molecules….so if this lining is not in tact and/or healthy you have another level of health issues to attend with…it eventually just relays into symptoms upon symptoms of various natures.

The result: Inflammation!

Inflammation can help fight infections, but if it becomes chronic, it can harm our bodies and disease sets in. Among other things, chronic inflammation may interfere with how the body uses the calories in food, storing more of it as fat rather than burning it for energy….the result: weight issues!! Bacteria act as signals to quiet down the Immune response therefore controlling the inflammatory reaction which in turn kick starts the disease chain reaction.

So, What Does Your Microbiome Say About You? Are you as healthy as you think? Are you prepping your gut to be your best friend in 2019?

A Gut Makeover for 2019 will never be too late for you or your family. At Imsyser we have the products to support this need. simply call 086 010 3859 or click here.

These products are also available country wide in most leading pharmacies, Clicks, Dischems and even these corporates in Namibia and Botswana…’s to your health!!

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