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More on Cravings from the Imsyser Team

Hi from the Imsyser team….as always it boils down you are what you eat!! Your Choice…but here goes…

Sharing Some Food for Thought:

“Dr Leonard Coldwell of explains how oxygen that repairs and nourishes the body system leaves behind potentially cancerous mutated and damaged cells. These mutated cells are what antioxidants eliminate. Dr Leonard also firmly believes in the natural processes of the human body. He says cravings are a good thing! They are the body’s instinctive way of telling you it needs specific nourishment. As long as eating stops when the craving subsides there is no harm done. More than that amounts to overeating and that’s when problems start. Knowing when is enough comes from listening to oneself. Believing and loving yourself will automatically connect you to your instinct that will keep you on the path of health.”

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