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I have been doing so much research and of course there have been many changes and new discoveries for this new virus, which is pretty much to be expected. But when the approach is to find a natural stay at home remedy or at least buy some time and relief, I have no doubt Imsyser Health can be your best next move.

There are those that are relatively symptom free, others that have mild symptoms and then those that go through hell – just enough to turn your life upside down whilst others do end up in hospital – there is just no knowing. Most do battle with weakness and a lot of pain, especially those battling with existing Immune compromised issues. So, I hammer for lack of a better word, all to pay attention to building up Immunity irrelevant of the disease or not.

Cold fever is normally the first warning sign that worse is to be expected, while the whole body starts aching, often the worst pain experienced in the lower back (kidney area) and accompanies with  terrible headaches!! Most seem to say they experience same responses. You really feel rotten. Coughing and the pain in lungs progressively just gets worse as oxygen levels get depleted. Pray God at this time no intubation is needed or worse. 

Some of the recent natural herbal remedies that have been identified in Madagascar (the equivalent here is Wormwood in South Arica) which seems to be the latest success stories, producing results almost within 24hours. Other suggestions are Zinplex, Ascorbic acid (Vit C), Vit D3, Vit B1 and or a good wholefood supplement that has all your Immune boosting elementals, a good Probiotics, and a good blood thinning product. Then you are set with your very best protective tools.

As you know Imsyser specializes in wholefood supplements be it the Immune Stabilizing tablets or any of the 2 superfood meal replacements:

The Imsyser parasite cleanse is brilliant source of Wormwood and will do the parasite and Candida cleanse at the same time:

We have the Imsyser Probiotic, I believe the best in the market place – live, fermented liquid – which makes it ideal for gargling first and then swallowing for the very best support of the oral and throat microbiome as a preventative measure:

And then for blood thinning the Chaya range – powder to be used in smoothies or capsules – not only does it support blood thinning but also is a brilliant product for Diabetes, heart issues, high in iron and even helps with weight loss:

Keep the chest airways open with our Magnesium chest spray:

Keep nasal passages open with the Magnesium nasal spray:

Take a supercharged anti-viral product and get rid of all infections and inflammation:

Many combinations packages are available depending on the severity of the problem but we are here  to serve and advise.  Simply call 086 010 3859

Remember, they don’t advise taking anti-inflammatories as studies in Italy has found that it speeds up the viral count and you don’t want that. You want to reduce toxicity, so you want to stay natural; rest, drink loads of water and calm down. The head factor is the biggest factor during Covid-19 and just staying calm knowing God is in control is your very best health tool yet!!

Go well and Go Safe!!!

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