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COVID 19 Combo Offers

Immune support is your best defence against any virus.

We are here to support you through the tough times with All-Natural Immune Support Remedies and Nutritional Meal replacements to improve the functioning of your Immune System. Since we may not come into contact with our customers as usual at this time, we encourage you to make use of our courier options available. Use this time as an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, love your animals as they are probably going to be the most ecstatic about this time out and most importantly to yourself! Nobody ever has time to focus on their own healing. Now you have this opportunity.

Nourish your body, eat as healthy as possible, get outside in the sun for more vitamin D, Do home workouts for a little exercise and drink all your Immune Support supplements.

One thing this pandemic is teaching us, is that your health and your family’s health should always come first; not the material things we often put too much value on. Focus on what is important and dear to you!

We are happy to offer advice on choosing your optimal Immune Support plan.

PHONE: 086 010 3859 or simply:

Essential Immune Health Support & Green Shake Package Combo No 1

Regular price R 787.93 R 695.00 Sale:

Essential Immune Health Support & Anti-Viral Package Combo No 2

Regular price R 1,265.42 R 1,150.00 Sale:

Essential Immune Health Protection & Anti-Viral Package Combo No 3

Regular price R 1,385.42 R 1,250.00 Sale:

Essential Immune Support, Anti-Viral Treatment & Sinus Health Package Combo No 4

Regular price R 1,392.47 R 1,295.00 Sale:

Essential Immune Health, Anti-Viral, Sinus & Chest Support Package Combo No 5

Regular price R 1,557.17 R 1,475.25 Sale:

Essential Immune Health Support + Anti-Viral Treatment Package Combo No 6

Regular price R 1,632.93 R 1,500.00 Sale:

Essential Immune Health, Anti-Viral & Chest Support Package Combo No 7

Regular price R 1,794.63 R 1,695.00 Sale:

Essential Immune Health, Anti-Viral, Chest Support & Meal Replacement Combo No 8

Regular price R 1,794.63 R 1,695.75 Sale:

Imsyser Immune support Package Combo No 9

Regular price R 1,956.33 R 1,850.00 Sale:

Essential Immune Health, Anti-Viral, Detox Package Combo No 10

Regular price R 2,264.72 R 2,000.00 Sale:

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