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Prebiotics & Probiotics your Constipation, Weight and Immune Solution

Prebiotics & Probiotics your Constipation, Weight and Immune Solution

Prebiotics (& Probiotics) Support Digestive and Immune Health

If you don’t know much about prebiotics — with an “e” — you are far from alone!! A number of people have expressed confusion about the difference between prebiotics and probiotics. Both can be used to optimize digestive health and boost immunity but have their own unique function in this amazing cocktail called Imsyser Microbial Liquid Stabiliser Liquid, a 12 STRAIN Pre-biotic, Pro-biotic and Digestive Enzyme cocktail designed for everyday use or specific treatment for all ages!!! Even new-borns!!

Prebiotics — What Probiotics Eat & Do…

Latin provides an easy and obvious way to differentiate prebiotics from probiotics — focus on the “pre.” Prebiotics are the predecessor. Their primary purpose is to provide nourishment to probiotics, thus helping to sustain a healthy level of these good bacteria in the gut.

Research has shown prebiotics to be beneficial for people with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Prebiotics can serve as a natural remedy to ease constipation, and they can be helpful for a number of other digestive complaints, including constipation-associated irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and some cases of inflammatory bowel disease. Prebiotics also help absorption of calcium and magnesium in people who have low mineral levels in their diets, and there’s some evidence that they might help prevent colon cancer as well.

Unlike probiotics, prebiotics are not bacteria — they’re a form of soluble fiber that can be found in a few complex carbohydrates. What makes them unique is their ability to pass unabsorbed through the small intestine, which makes them available to feed tissue and probiotics in the large intestine. One of the most common prebiotics is a kind of complex fructose polymer found in some plant foods called inulin (which, in spite of the similarity in names, has nothing to do with insulin). There are other kinds, too, including non-insulin prebiotics and a type called fructo-oligosaccharides (or FOS).

Are Dietary Sources Sufficient?

Some foods are rich sources of prebiotics. For instance, inulin can be found in generous amounts in Jerusalem artichokes (a potato-like tuber)… chicory… jicama… and dandelion. And many common foods contain lesser amounts of inulin and/or FOS, such as onions, garlic, leeks, bananas, tomatoes, spinach and whole wheat. Since prebiotics aren’t abundant in these foods, it can be useful to take prebiotic supplements if you have certain types of problems.

People with inflammatory bowel disease may initially take a little strain taking a cocktail containing prebiotics ,although Imsyser have had no feedback in this regard as our unique blend with the digestive enzymes might assist in this regard. Prebiotics are not themselves irritating, they may increase production of irritants by stimulating the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. Note: Unpleasant as it may be, this actually may be a sign that the prebiotics are beginning to do their job.

The digestive assistance that the enzymes provide should not be under-rated as well. Keep in mind that the cocktail has a matching pH to the stomach therefore has no hindrance on the way down. In fact starts working from the mouth ( with its own set of good bacteria) all the way through to the lowest part of the gut. Imsyser has numerous testimonials regarding this amazing product assisting in Bloating, Weight loss, IBS, Constipation, Digestive Issues.

This unique 12 Strain product does NOT have to be refrigerated, lasts 2 months once opened and should provide a supply for the whole family for at least a month. All ages can use this product. It is gentle on the taste buds and if the taste cannot be tolerated please just add to a little juice of any kind and easy goes!! Kids will not even taste the difference.

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