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Colloidal Silver; Safe Fighter

Colloidal Silver the most effective, affordable and safe fighter of harmful bacteria,

fungi and viruses in the world.

Become informed, about Colloidal Silver’s Emergence from the Dark Ages 4,000

BC to 2011, today.

Now available on a CD, support information from Health WakeUp Merger at a cost of R45

which includes VAT and postage. Also available in printed A4 x 160 pages manual

@ R95.00 + postage.

Colloidal Silver has many uses:

Treat wounds and sores that won’t heal

Mouth and throat sores

Burn wounds

Sterilize fridges, showers and cubicles

Rinse laundry to prevent mould

Spray rose trees to kill mould and black spots

Treat skin infection

Space shuttle’s recycled water is purified

Treat sores on pets

And many more

Colloidal, the most affordable disinfectant is now available from Health WakeUp

Merger in:

100ml gel                   @        R70

200ml Spray Bottle  @        R50

500ml Bottle              @        R70

5lt Container             @        R450

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