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The Benefits of Taking Cod Liver Oil

There is hardly a disease that does not respond well to treatment that includes cod liver oil, and not just infectious diseases but also chronic modern diseases like heart disease and cancer. Cod liver oil provides vitamin D that helps build strong bones in children and helps prevent osteoporosis in adults. A huge shortage of vitamin D exists in modern day nutrition and especially in European countries where long extended winters aggravate this problem. The Imsyser team is suggesting yet another natural alternative to ensuring long-term healing from the inside.

The fatty acids in cod liver oil are very important for the development of the brain and nervous system. If you want to prevent learning disabilities in your children feed them cod liver oil. Our grandparents did!

Cod liver oil contains more vitamin A and more vitamin D per unit weight than any other common food. 100g of regular cod liver oil provides 100,000 IU of vitamin A, almost 3 x more than beef liver, the next richest source; and 10,000 IU vitamin D, almost 4x more than lard, the next richest source. Cod liver oil is only consumed in small amounts, but even a tablespoon (15 g) provides well over the recommended daily allowance for both nutrients.

Cod liver oil contains 7 % each of the elongated omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. EPA is the precursor of important prostaglandins, localized tissue hormones that help the body deal with inflammation; and DHA is extremely important for the development and function of the brain and nervous system. Numerous studies has proven Codliver oil to be a powerhouse in fighting disease.

Cod Liver Oil greatly improves heart function to prevent heart disease and in treating even the most advanced stages, after a heart attack or heart surgery. It alters the lining of arteries in such a way as to improve healing after damage. Research says, “Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids & Vitamin A, D & K all have important roles to play in facilitating mineral absorption, improving muscle function and supporting elasticity of the blood vessels.”

The inflammation reducing prostaglandins made from EPA help mediate the Inflammatory response in arteries. In other studies the heart protective effect was associated with changes in the muscle response to Serotonin, increasing the heart’s ability to “relax”.

Our grandparents had it right! We can take a tablet but the process remains the same; we need a daily supply.

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