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Coconut Oil – Assists Your Health In The Following Ways

Coconut Oil is one of the more amazing oils and should be used by all for assistance in the following:

  1. Prevention of  heart disease by,
  2. Lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol & raising HDL (good) cholesterol, and
  3. Breaking up blood clots
  4. Fight bacterial infections. Fights toxins.
  5. Boost your thyroid so you beat Fatigue, Weight gain, and Depression
  6. Burn belly fat & stop food cravings.
  7. Improve brain functions. It is a SUPERFOOD but also an amazing source of Omega.
  8. Fights ageing by,
  9. Fighting deadly free radicals to improve cellular health. Free radicals are toxic molecules within your cells that that form as a result of exposure to pollution, pesticides, tobacco, smoke, and chemicals.
  10. Destroys inflammation of the body. when inflammation levels increase in your body, toxins flow in and disrupt your organs.  You get sick and end up sick.
  11. Digestive problems.
  12. Toothaches & Earaches.
  13. Skin infections

Remember the aim is to buy the best quality coconut oil or butter to cook with or use as a sprinkle over various dishes.  Prevention of disease is so much better than cure and this is one sure way of ensuring this.

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