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Cleansing season is here…

Get rid of your bad habits

It is not the time to be questioning the seasonal needs. It is also not the time to realize what time and bad habits has allowed into the body will and can only cause disease going forward. The Assad part of the equation being the fact that all of this slow build up of toxicity hits home when it’s almost too late most of the time!

Imsyser Cleanse – simple yet effective 

This product is formulated to assist in softening and eliminating of this impacted intestinal mucous layer, assisting in stabilizing the Immune System, assisting in detoxing the intestines and assisting in balancing your metabolism. As effective cleansing is initiated. The various 100 % natural herbs assist in the dissolving of this toxic layer and neutralizing of the toxic release as this layer is broken down. Slippery Elm assists in the easy gentle movement out of the body.
This is a ‘7-day detox programme’ (may also be used daily for continuous usage or until results are achieved without gut changing habits); used 2 x daily on an empty stomach before or an hour after meals

It is not just the fact that slowly over a 7 day period waste us peeled away later upon later exposing a healthier gut lining to better serve you but in the process you lose weight, have healthier gut functioning and your potential energy is released as gut functioning improves. 

Simple yet effective.

Effective yet necessary.

Now is the time to hit the Dischem stores countrywide for the special on the Imsyser Intestinal cleanse for the first step in realizing your healthiest you past Covid towards 2021….

Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse 150g

R 199.95

Special Price

R 189.95

Benefit Points: 19000

Discovery Miles: 1900

Credit: from R18 per month

Otherwise call the Imsyser team 086 010 3859 or simply click here:

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