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Chaya To The Lymphatic Rescue

Chaya To The Lymphatic Rescue, a possible Key to all health

Chaya to the lymphatic rescue, more than ever before has the value add of increased circulation become important when we see the reasoning behind the covid fatalities. Key to all health and especially our Immunity is good circulation as maintained by our lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a system of channels and nodes that connects your head down to your toes weaving in and out all over your body, carrying lymph fluid from node to node and working overtime to detox the body and keep you well. If every other system of your body is working perfectly, but the lymphatic system is not, you are at risk. It is not just the risk f compromised circulation but the resultant toxic overload eventually.

Your lymphatic system as art of the greater Immune System in the process is designed to support the natural detox actions as originally put in place by our natural God design:

  1. Detoxes the body of toxic bacteria and viruses
  2. Performs “cancer surveillance” as part of the natural Immune response system
  3. Supports healthy fluid balance and weight
  4. Removes cellular waste to mention but a few of the critical shapers in the health equation leading to modern  day symptoms like:
  • Retaining fluid, feeling puffy or bloated
  • Fatigue and low energy
  • Exercise/movement makes you feel worse
  • Swollen lymph nodes or lymphedema
  • Brain fog, depression, and other neurological symptoms
  • Skin rashes and issues
  • Swollen or sore joints
  • Cold hands and feet

CHAYA For Your Best Circulation

Chaya one of the newer health supplements on the block is a new powerful edition to the South African market-place, lesser known but actually around for centuries. It is very unique one plant product, natural, organic, green and a super achiever in the circulatory health division. Over and above the value of improved circulation, this one plant, one ingredient product is not only highly nutritious but optimises your natural iron levels and in so doing, increasing your natural energy. Higher Iron also ensure reduced resultant anaemia especially with younger menstruating girls or woman of all ages. of course, a natural given for the iron deficient vegans.

The super antioxidant effect of the Chaya also allows for healthy daily heavy metal detox which makes this supplement unique over and above the other huge benefits as classically seen by our clients using the Chaya range.


  • Sugar metabolism
  • Fat metabolism
  • Supports weight-loss
  • Diabetes Support
  • Assist with heart health
  • Eyesight and tingling hand and feet.
  • Blood flow & brain health and overall health.
  • Improved Liver functioning
  • Detox
  • Lower Cholesterol

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