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Chaya Testimony time

Chaya Testimony time. The Spirit of Wisdom Chaya

Chaya Testimony time. We are so proud as health specialists that really care. Dr Janet Adegbengo, shared her testimony of the Chaya tree products in her latest book she wrote. As she has been using and sharing with others. I share this amazing testimony as expressed in her book The Spirit of Wisdom.

“There is a tree called the Chaya tree”. The leaves is an organic spinach that prevents all forms of disease, including Cancer. It is very effective in balancing blood sugar, lowering cholesterol and blood circulation. Also have very powerful Zinc and Vitamin A. As well as used for weight loss.

So since I discovered Chaya powder, produced from the chaya tree, as part of my wellness ministry. I have been drinking it and my eyesight improved tremendously. To my amazement I can now drive at night. Without using my pair of eyeglasses!”

Just love the chaya testimony. Improve your circulation. But she does not even mention the benefits for liver health, lung health and Immunity with improved Energy levels. This amazing product is available online:

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