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Change ALL Your Habits with every new season

EVERYTHING is changing around you anyway, the weather, the water therefore the food so change ALL Your Habits with every new season .  So why not clean out the “OLD” with a good healthy seasonal detox and the n another trick we never think about change your sleeping patterns??

So what do we do to clean out the old??  Well do the routine detoxes if you really mean business with your body.  Eg.:

  1. 2 Week PARASITE & CANDIDA cleanse
  2. 7 Day Deep INTESTINAL cleanse
  3. 7 Day KIDNEY flush
  4. Overnight LIVER flush
  5. 2 week HEAVY METAL detox

In other words the worst that might happen is that for 2 weeks you are actively investing in your health and the good investment will pay off for at least the full season anything up to 3-4 months!!  We actually don’t have a choice with modern day toxic overload!!  Do we??

Call Imsyser or simply visit for more on this amazing health discovery.

And the sleeping we mentioned??

Well, in traditional Chinese medicine there is a set of rules that governs the times for going to bed and gettingu p.  These rules are base on cyclic relations between humans and the seasons:

  • In Spring it’s advised to go to bed early and wake up early with the sunrise.
  • In Summer go to bed later than usual and wake up early with the sunrise
  • In Autmn go to bed early and wake up early
  • In Winter go to bed early and wake up late

It makes sense!  You sleep to the optimal benefit of your health requirements NOW.  You eat to those seasonal releases or food choices and optimise on all the other usual health benefits:  enough sleep ( seasonal optimisation as mentiond above), enough sunlight (and if need be, assist with VIT D3 supplementation in the “dark months”), drink enough GOOD water, optimise Spiritual Balance and Peace daily, exercise enough and the rest is merely a choice: FORGIVE, RELEASE & LOVE!!!

So let’s tackle the new season with Health and Love the natural way.  No drugs! No chemicals!  Simple toxic release!  Simple choices!!  The Imsyser tip of the week, in love ….

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