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Cellular Toxicity The ‘Game’ Of The Moment

Imsyser specializes in toxicity Toxicity doesn’t just happen overnight; it is years of built up waste lying either at cellular level and or gut level which directly and indirectly affects our Immunity, our health and ultimately as with this horrid pandemic our life. This statement as with most Covid-19 issues … Read more

Breaking News!!

Major cause of death in Covid-19 is Thrombosis, Not Pneumonia!! At Imsyser Health we share because we care. Knowledge is Power! Simply put we are not only about products but about empowering you to be the healthiest , safest version of you not just in a Pandemic.  “It seems that … Read more

Time to consider your Mental Health going forward.

Understanding the microbiome It’s been a tough 6 weeks for South Africa and the build up towards it no better as we watched the world take knocks in all its capacities, waiting and wondering if we would follow suit….and we did! We cope, but do we really? It’s tough…and even … Read more

Let’s Get Back To Basics

Time to Detox We have had 6 weeks of home-bound, wrong eating, no exercise and an unusual amount of stress in various forms. Right now, the sane thing is to be gentle and kind to your body. So, when we mention ‘detox’ don’t think of the worst; simply embrace natural … Read more

Vulcan Silver vs Colloidal Silver

We can safely say Silver has been in the frontline for antiviral protection from the Covid-19 And unfortunately all most people know is the colloidal Silver version of this amazing potential. At Imsyser Health we are here to educate and help bring natural solutions to the table to help in … Read more

1 day to Level 4 “Lock-out” not Lock-down…

Where to from here… Well the rules are quite specific – mostly the same, but let’s kick-start the economy without doing any damage. What we don’t do and haven’t done however is remind all that specifically in South Africa we are gong into a new season and it’s almost winter … Read more

Vulcan Silver the new ‘kid’ on the block?

If I can surprise you …no, not at all ….developed….patented and registered a good 15 years ago!!! This amazing product is developed with Nano technology to create clusters of silver deposits in an existing ‘colloidal’ silver state(distilled water) with incredible results – a product 1000 times more potent than you … Read more

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