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Genes or Bacteria which are we??

The Importance of a Thought It is funny to make a statement like that when in reality that’s what we are – genes – the body works – run by our bacteria – simply put! The best part is that we are not governed by our genes as previously thought … Read more

Sinus Season

Beautiful Testimony Not having to live in fear of that next sinus attack or sinus headache is an ongoing, daily prayer for many. No longer constantly having to dope yourself with medications that leave you foggy-headed and even greater relief when you find a remedy as did my client. So, … Read more

Modern Probiotics help Modulate Gut Microbes

Natural host microbes Most of your natural host microbes reside in the gastrointestinal tract, modulating every normal physiology process across all body systems. So, with no uncertainty we can say you are only as healthy as your gut is or potentially could be. Any disruptions in the delicate balance of … Read more

When Your “Bad” Inside manifests to the outside

Your experience… Classically this could mean bad breath, or bad skin odours as well just a good ‘stinky poop’! All of them and many others such as a bad skin reactions such as acne are simply the outside manifestations of what is really happening on the inside! Manifestations in the … Read more

Your very best Heavy Metal Detox

List of triggers Toxicity is the no 1 factor and/or ‘dis-ease’ trigger for those that potentially are genetically compromised, leading to most of our modern-day diseases. And the sad thing is that the list of triggers is ever increasing not even taking into account the fact we are all battling … Read more

Don’t undermine the function of the Brain!

Your brain’s main job So often we somehow think we only need a brain to think for us, but your brain is constantly assessing what’s happening in and around you as it receives messages externally or internally from within the gut. Your brain’s main job is survival be it pain, … Read more

Go Green and Go Healthy

Your No 1 Super Food for the 21st Century! Right nutrition is one of the strongest ways to arm yourself and your families against any pending condition health condition even those with potential genetic predispositions as well any pandemic. It’s more critical than ever to protect yourself and your family … Read more

Older More Compromised People Need a daily Probiotic.

Growing Proportion of Older People Fuels the Growth of the Probiotics Market The number of older people is expected to grow the fastest in Africa, where the aged population is expected to reach 226 million by 2050 from 69 million in 2017 and this trend of rapid rise in the elderly … Read more

How is Your Heavy Metal Count Doing?

Its is the time to do a detox – season change means get rid of the old to make way for the new… One of the biggest problem makers in the heavy toxicity issues experienced during this Pandemic is the problem of heavy metals. There are 2 issues – no … Read more

You Do Need To Fibre Up…

Gut health I have spent the last 2 days listening to the gut specialists all over the world adding their own value add as regards Gut Health. Gut health is the hot topic of the moment and actually has been for the past 10 years; not just because it houses … Read more

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