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Natural Defenses…

How to Increase Your Defences You know how fast sickness spreads during cold season. Lightning fast. Sometimes it goes around so fast you’ll get sick twice or more in a month or so especially if your Immune System is compromised. Eventually you recover but this is not so any longer. … Read more

Woman’s month…Find out How to stay energetic…

  Fight off fatigue with Imsyser… It is woman’s month and all the more reason to spend time in honour of woman multi-tasking at the rate they do in a very compromised ‘setting’ already. Times are tough! Living in South Africa is tough presently but life carries on…and so do … Read more

Imsyser Health Products to the rescue…

Food is your medicine! Most doing it perfectly can make this rule of thumb work. Others battle or simply have their source of good food compromised and need to supplement with whole food sources as is in the Imsyser Health range products. At Imsyser Health we have dedicated extensive research … Read more

Cancer prevention…Imsyser to the rescue…

Imsyser health products The Imsyser health product consists of 3 core products developed to optimize Immunity especially through managed effective gut functioning. What makes Imsyser unique is that the products were developed to support the body’s own natural defence system. Your Immunity through effective gut health. For this purpose, we … Read more

Why obesity is a problem…?

Africa and Obesity “Rapid urbanization and associated changes in people’s lifestyle means Africa faces a growing obesity problem. Across the continent the share of the urban population is projected to increase to 50% by 2030 and 60% by 2050. Looking at the Africa trends as stipulated by one of my … Read more

Why Testimony is so important at Imsyser…

No Gain When there is Pain… Having been away for a week to work in Cape Town training and doing the ProBeauty Expo seems like the perfect place to be. With all honesty being an ex-Cape Townian, it was like visiting home again. Water issues, yes, but Cape Town is … Read more

Find out how to release toxins in a nutshell…

Toxic Release in a Nutshell Are you experiencing persistent fatigue foggy thinking digestive problems skin eruptions (acne, rashes, or eczema) stubborn weight gain hormone or blood sugar imbalance? If any of these symptoms resonate with you, your body is sending out distress signals and is suffering from toxic burden. Some … Read more

Tired of diseases…?

WHY SUFFER WITH DISEASES?… CHOOSE LIFE… Cancer                                                                                        … Read more

Want to find out the truth about probiotic…?

,There Are More Uses For Good Probiotics Than Meet The Eye So often we think of probiotics as a treatment process f a few days with the taking of an antibiotic. Well if only this were true for most medical visits that turn out this way.  This is more than … Read more

Everyone’s microbiome is unique

  Everyone’s microbiome is unique. You and Your Gut Your microbiome consists of 10 to 100 trillion microbes primarily in your gut. From before birth, we’re colonized by an army of microbes—bacteria, yeast and even viruses. It helps to create a protective barrier that defends your body against foreign substances … Read more

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