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Breaking the bad habit

We have all tried to break our bad habit, but it just seems impossible.  We rely on willpower.  But it is just not enough.  We just fall back on our habits. Here is a better way to kick the habit. Habits are neurological shortcuts that we use to save mental … Read more

Vitamin Deficiency Damaging Your Brain

Unfortunately, many of us are familiar with the hallmark signs of aging—declining strength and energy, brain fog and “senior moments,” irritability, difficulty sleeping, hearing and vision loss…the list goes on and on. Most people either accept these things as “just part of getting older,” or they take whatever drugs their doctors prescribe in the hopes of feeling better. But guess what? I have some shocking news to share with you. These are NOT normal signs of aging.

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Career – Relationship – Marriage – Health – Business – Personal

The words “disaster”, “accident” or “crisis” usually goes hand-in-hand with the words “surprise”, “unexpected” or “unprepared.” Unfortunate as these concepts may be, it sometimes occurs right from take-off (childhood or early adolescence), or in mid-air during flight (adolescence & midlife), or during the landing (retirement and old age) phases of our human venture through life. Life comprises

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Revitalize Your Life

Wellness Practice


 KOBUS                                                                                                                                                 ANETTE

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Imsyser Internal Microbial Stabilizer

Imsyser Internal Microbial Stabiliser is a 100% natural  liquid mixture of good bacteria (Pre- & Pro-biotic) designed to improve overall gut health. Once the intestines have been ‘cleaned’, the good bacteria and enzymes need to be replaced.  Imyser Internal Microbial Stabiliser contains 3 different macro essential good bacterial groups (12 … Read more

Strongest Beetroot Detox

You all know that adding Vegetables to your daily diet , is very healthy.  Make a Beetroot Juice with us and see the great results.  Beetroot Juice is one of the best, strongest detox you can make in the comfortability of your home.

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Understanding your food

With the wide range of foods and healthy eating ideas on offer, it can be difficult to know which are the right choices to make. The links below will help you to know more about the foods you eat, how to make healthy choices and be confident about buying blood pressure friendly foods that will lower your blood pressure

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Does Cholesterol getting too much for you…

Cholesterol & Fat A low-fat diet can help you keep to a healthy weight, and this will help to keep your blood pressure down. Eating foods that are low in fat can also help you keep down the level of cholesterol in your blood. Too much cholesterol can raise your risk of … Read more

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