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We Do Have A Probiotic Deficiency!

We DO have a probiotic deficiency! It’s route deficiency lies in the soil and the chain reaction then eventually affects our health. It’s that simple!! And it’s that basic deficiency that may lead to leaky gut, IBS, chronic constipation, colic and various gut discrepancies even from birth. These then set … Read more

Why Probiotics Are Important For Kids Too – Their Microbiome

WHY PROBIOTICS ARE IMPORTANT FOR KIDS TOO There are trillions of bacteria living throughout the digestive tract—some good, some bad. A proper balance of these organisms is essential for happy, healthy children, and probiotics are often a critical part of that balance. Your child is born with a unique set … Read more

Natural Ways To Manage Colds And Flu

Natural Ways To Manage Colds And Flu Once winter season arrives, colds and flu are inevitable. But a healthy diet, lifestyle choices and supplementation offers protection year-round with natural solutions that help strengthen your defences and keep you vibrant and energized. Both colds and flu are respiratory illnesses, but each … Read more

Weightloss Explained – Probiotics And The Digestive Process

WEIGHTLOSS EXPLAINED Probiotics and the Digestive process The main function of the digestive system is to break down food into smaller bits so that the nutrients can be absorbed by the body and converted into energy.  Its secondary role is to remove the waste leftover from the conversion process. This … Read more

As The Saying Goes – No Risks – Nothing Gained …

No more Risks!! As the saying always goes – no risks – nothing gained….well, when it comes to the average health issues this saying could not be further than the truth than ever before!! We cannot afford to waste time on calculated risks as regards our health. Modern-day pollution does … Read more

How The Large Intestine Functions

Through the ileo-cecal valve, chyme is passed into the cecum from the small intestine. At this stage, the chyme consists of undigested or indigestible food substances, secretions from the liver, pancreas, small bowel and water. In the cecum, the water is mostly removed, reducing the chyme to a semi-solid consistency which is now … Read more

Probiotics For Men

The benefits of probiotics are becoming more apparent every day and tests and research have revealed a number of ways through which they help men in particular. Probiotics for men provide a daily dose of gut-friendly bacteria that eliminate the bad bugs and harmonize the internal flora of your system. … Read more

Your Gut is Your Health – Are You Taking Care Of Yours

Your GUT is Your Health…or not?? Gut health is everything. Underlying microbiome and gastrointestinal problems such as leaky gut syndrome, SIBO, and candida overgrowth can be linked to just about every modern health problem. From weight gain and fatigue to anxiety and depression to autoimmune conditions and cancer, there are … Read more

PROBIOTICS: Sharing 21 Amazing Facts About This

SHARING 21 AMAZING Facts About PROBIOTICS 1) Probiotics In Our Body Outweigh Our Brain The typically human brain weights about 3 pounds, and a healthy human body will have over 3.5 pounds of probiotic bacteria and organisms (according to Casey Adams Ph.D. The fact that our heart weighs only 0.7 … Read more

SPECIAL: 18 Julie by Ozonenet

Safe Breast & Body Thermal Screening As opposed to mamograms: No Radiation No Compression Non Invasive Research on more than 300 000 Women 800 peer reviewed journals 98% accuracy for early detection of Breast Disease Make your Bookings at OzoneNet 061 418 1009 For Enquiries: Melinda 082 377 3830 … Read more

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