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Battling with IBS &/Leaky Gut…

Look at changing your microbiome and getting rid of the parasites… IBS is definitely linked to inflammation. Well pretty much all diseases is but more recently studies have made a very strong link to stress levels/ mind issues leading to IBS with the even more recent studies also making a … Read more

It’s Superfood Time!!!

Helping you achieve your best body yet Not only are most diets compromised during lockdown but lack of energy and negative moods often complicate lifestyle issues that lead to reduced energy levels. Superfoods can rev up your energy, helping you achieve your best body yet for those concerned with weight … Read more

In Times of Lockdown…..

My Rainbow Child An adaptation, my adaption to you my rainbow 🌈 child from some text that spoke to me specifically in these ‘locked down’ or is ‘locked out’ time! This is for you—you who usually wears your heart on your sleeve showing the world all the light inside of … Read more

When the lockdown symptoms keep you ‘locked down’….

Are you struggling with an overgrowth of Candida in your body? It is now 3 weeks and the body is really feeling ‘down’ with so very many new symptoms coming to the table – and then we have so much time to literally experience all these newer miseries. Candida overgrowth … Read more

Brainfood Support during Lockdown

Battle of the mind I know many are battling with just being down and or even depressed in a time when lockdown bans you from interacting with fellow humans ( a human necessity); keeps you inside (vit D from the sun another human necessity) and business or the economy is … Read more

Knowledge is the best protection

Its that time of the year…flu season is on its way … And even worse Coronavirus is already here!! The importance of a good probiotic for healthy digestion is well documented. Not only has the Imsyser health team been on Immune Support  in the past few months since the world … Read more

Airborne Corona is the reason for our Lockdown

Need to know… It seems Corona IS airborne as well and not just “droplet-style-infection” so this adds a touch of concern regarding this newest information and potential Lung infections related to specifically the Corona virus. Lung infections as a rule are more difficult to treat because of the restricted blood … Read more

Too tired to consider Corona already!!

Need to know… It’s been in our face for a while and yet in SA is only just started. Too much has already been said and written about Coronavirus. But having said this and confirming that at least our children, even though they are at home as of today, are … Read more

Probiotics Can Supercharge Your Health!

Everything you need to know about nature’s beneficial bacteria… Everything you need to know so that your very best Immunity is preserved whilst Corona virus does its rounds….probiotics will give your health and well-being a major boost!. Probiotics can be a powerful ally in the fight against a range of … Read more

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