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Time To Watch Those Emotions

Anger and the effect Most of our organs are connected to an emotion and your liver is the organ connected to anger. The majority of people are unaware of the correlation between their anger and the effect it has on their liver because they don’t understand the depth of the … Read more

Holiday Prep Time….

Tips to stay safe and healthy Going on holiday for most, as for myself, this year, is actually a first! Scary reality!! And we are all exhausted but yet need to break from work and we need to see the family, where possible. I might share it was one of … Read more

Healthy Juicing

Juicing, instead of Fasting, on a Monday for a fresh Approach to 2021 The buzz word at the moment is Intermittent Fasting. Not for all but for those looking for another healthy suggestion going into 2021 you might consider the following especially if you like to vegetable and fruit juicing. … Read more

New “Immunity Booster” Destroys Viruses

Infections This has been my best weapon against ALL types of viral, bacterial and fungal diseases these past 9 months over and above optimizing my Immunity. Yes, the COVID-19 corona virus is highly infectious but if you are taking the necessary precautions with surface infection: Wearing your very best … Read more

Adaptogens for Modern Day Health

What is Adaptogens? Adaptogens are non-toxic plants, leaves &/or roots that are marketed as helping the body resist stressors of all kinds, whether physical, chemical or biological. These herbs and roots have been used for centuries in various healing traditions, but they’re having a renaissance today. Some herbs can be … Read more

The Problem With A Candida Overgrowth

Candida overgrowth leads to digestive problems Candida is typically not life-threatening, but if left untreated, it can spread and eventually reach the bloodstream. Once the fungus is circulating throughout the body, it can affect vital organs like the brain across the Blood Brain Barrier ( see our previous blog on … Read more

Day 3 of the 3 Day Health Quest Blog

Good Morning! By now you should be feeling increased signs of gut improvement with reduced bloating and potentially some weight loss, not only in tummy diameter but also actual kilos. More energy. Better sleep. Remember to stay hydrated as you need to help the body to rid itself of the … Read more

Day 2 of the 3 Day Health Quest Blog

Imsyser 3 step Health Kit Welcome to our second email  and any tips we might have to offer you as you use the Imsyser 3 Step Health Kit for your journey to achieve your healthiest you. The number of testimonials stretching from Diabetes through to various illnesses including Cancers has … Read more

3 Step Health Kit Christmas special

Optimal Health in a simple 3 step/3 product “kit”  that has never been this simple, healthy or easy to use. Whether you are healthy or in any “dis-eased” state, Imsyser Health Products may help by assisting in treating the root of the problem. Effective Immunity is established and optimized through effective … Read more

Healthy Masks

Never more important than now!!! If your masks is not just ensuring greens and virus destruction on the surface it had beter be ensuring your healthiest breathing because masks are here fir a while!!! Reusable was never more important with crushed finances than now…look no further… Re-usable 3 ply Polyester … Read more

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