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The words “disaster”, “accident” or “crisis” usually goes hand-in-hand with the words “surprise”, “unexpected” or “unprepared.” Unfortunate as these concepts may be, it sometimes occurs right from take-off (childhood or early adolescence), or in mid-air during flight (adolescence & midlife), or during the landing (retirement and old age) phases of our human venture through life. Life comprises the physical (that which can be seen, heard, touched and listened to) as well as the metaphysical (that which is beyond the physical – mind, spirit & soul). The metaphysical part is the sacred gift and the physical the servant. However, we have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift; the consequence of lack of education, knowledge, understanding & wisdom.

We could save ourselves many traumas through preventative action and when the inevitable does happen, to deal with it wisely.


Prevention is better than cure says the proverb and this is where the roll of the professional …

  • Life Coach,
  • Brain Profile Practitioner,
  • Inspirational Speaker and
  • Pre-marriage & Pre-parenting Counselor

…comes into play. The Life Coach guides you through a process to uncover your abilities; to set your own goals and make your own choices towards a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

Many people find themselves frustrated or trapped in their choice of subjects (at school, college or university), career, relationship, marriage or parenting and this is where Brain Profiling adds value – to determine the ideal match (choice of subjects, career planning, life partner, business, parenting style) to fit your personal brain profile of preference and traits.

The miss-match of job requirements versus personal brain profile preference traits and skills of employees is more than often the root cause of many unnecessary internal strenuous relationships, and/or lack of productivity, and/or poor performance & service levels, and/or lack of professional standards and unachieved goals in Corporates as well as smaller businesses. NBI Brain Profiling, prior to, or during the interview phase of a candidate, or prior to promotion of someone into a specific position (and division of a business) could prevent such a sad, destructive and unnecessary state of affairs in any organization regardless of its size. However, all is not lost in a prevailing business. With NBI Brain Profiling of personnel in identified problem areas certain internal alterations in positions versus profile-types could provide the edge-tipping difference to any business. Even the overall wellness of an organization as such, especially those who suffer from personnel negativities, can also be measured. Once the survey has been completed and the results drawn, one can …

  • Identify the critical wellness factors.
  • Spot the below the line thinking and behaviour (degrees of dying!).
  • Spot the above the line thinking and behaviour (degrees of growing!).
  • Discover the specific causes of the problems.
  • Create a flowing organization versus a jerky organization.
  • Regain organizational wellness.
  • Put wellness strategies into place.
  • Monitor the sustainable passion and energy of the organization.
  • Measure changes by company, department, level, division or location.

Many marriages and families can be much more content and fulfilled with the aid and guidance of Pre-marriage & Pre-parenting Coaching & Counseling.

Some people may find they are confused or lost after retrenchment, physical disability or retirement, and may need well-structured coaching to attain new perspective, innovation and direction for a meaningful life.

The following summary may help the reader to clarify certain confusing terminologies and activities relative to this article:

  • Managing is making sure people do what they know how to do.
  • Training is teaching people to do what they don’t know how to do.
  • Mentoring is showing people how the people, who are really good at doing something, do it. Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn. This is the crux of mentorship to breed true skill, mastering and leadership.
    • Therapy & Counseling are interpersonal treatment for problems, unresolved issues and/or blockages in the lives of people by employing a range of techniques and methods.
    • Coaching is none of these. It is helping to see where they are now versus where they want to be by identifying the skills and capabilities that are within the person; and enabling them to use it to the best of their ability; and by that increasing the independence within the individual, and reducing reliance.

Pre-marriage & Pre-parenting Counseling can certainly help to secure your marriage and future relationships with your children.

Cure, following an unfortunate event, is the where the professional …

  • Counselor or
  • Therapist

…comes into play. The Therapist or Counselor helps to unravel unclear mechanical and dynamical causes, time-line events, childhood issues and other blockages to find solutions to put one’s life together and back on track again after the unfortunate event of …

  • Personal sequestration or liquidation of a business (bankruptcy)
  • Disease / Long term illness
  • Nutrition deficiency
  • Weight disorders
  • Rape
  • Divorce
  • Disability
  • Retirement
  • Retrenchment
  • Death of partner or child


…also to free yourself from …

  • Weight & Behavioral problems
  • Anxiety / phobias / fears / low self esteem
  • Addiction (substance / gambling / sex / sugar / eating / liquor / work etc.)


Discover how your quality of life including learning ability and skills can be improved by …


  • Inner Child Therapy
  • Time-line Event Analysis
  • Brain Gym
  • Sport & Remedial Therapy
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Parenting Skills Training

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