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Cancer Stats And Our Young Children – The Real Driving Force

Cancer STATS and our Young Children the real Driving force for the Imsyser team to keep on hounding our Imsyser followers to pay attention to modern day toxic overload and the results as recorded internationally is a sure warning that things are getting worse!! Scary statistics are unfolding internationally and we are but mentioning those as recorded in the UK!

Since my daughter and her family have been living in the UK it was always a project of mine to investigate what the health norms are not only nationally but internationally. What products are being sold and developed. What the various governments are doing about the Cancer statistics and more. Interestingly enough I have always been amazed at how the ‘healthier’ trends are being implicated by amending labelling and packaging laws and, more importantly, the drive to address a daily allowance as indicated on the packaging for your ‘green allowance’ – that is the healthy fruits and greens as needed according to the RDA stipulated in the UK.

In the national parks, modern day ‘gym’ equipment is being installed for old and young to become more active even if only rudely elemental in design. Parks are kept green, safe and clean to entice walking.  Health alternatives are the main drive in both restaurants and retail outlets that sell foodstuffs. I am always amazed how beautifully displayed fruit and veggies are displayed to literally entice you to buy.

And believe you me the malls and stalls are riddled with healthy alternatives, organic foods and a pleasant view for the eye of someone dedicated to following health trends as opposed to disease trends. I love to study  all the health trends in the health shops see what’s new and study the trends as advertised in the various media with a keen eye.

Imsyser to the Rescue

Amazingly enough I have yet to find the same products or even similar products to those that the Imsyser Health product range has to offer in my county, SA,  for modern day auto-immune discrepancies. And believe we are years ahead of the modern-day trends in product development for modern day diseases understanding toxic overload being causal in most cases as in auto-immune diseases. Cancer is but one of the many of such diseases.

Here are the scary facts:   

 “In the last 16 years, the number of children diagnosed with cancer has risen by 40 per cent. A new analysis of government stats by researchers in the UK (the charity Children with Cancer) has found that there are now 1,300 more cancer cases a year compared to the year 1998, the first time all data sets were published. Although some of the rise can be explained by improvements in cancer diagnoses, the majority is likely caused by air pollution, pesticides, poor diet, and radiation.

Every year more than 4,000 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer in Britain; it is the leading cause of death in children aged one to 14 and is estimated to cost the NHS an extra £130 million a year, compared to just 16 years ago. Diagnoses of colon cancer among children and young people has risen 200 per cent since 1998. Thyroid cancer has doubled!!! Ovarian and cervical cancers have also risen by 70 per cent and 50 per cent, respectively.”

These are our young children for goodness sake! This is horrendous!

Here at Imsyser we are driven to assist in the education process of rendering a new generation of believers that are aware of and taking control of their lives and not just allowing the modern day statistic to swollen them up whole, just because it can. We want to to leave a ‘living legacy’ not a dying one! Children are that living legacy.

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Please please let’s pay attention. We ARE in trouble and we had better pay attention SSSSSSOOOOOONNNN!!!

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