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Cancer prevention as discussed with our clients

Cancer prevention as discussed with our clients

The Imsyser health product consists of 3 core products developed to optimize Immunity Especially through managed effective gut functioning.

What makes Imsyser unique is that the products were developed to support the body’s own natural defense system, your Immunity, through effective gut health. For this purpose, we have 2 very unique products that not only assists in deep intestinal cleansing but also in optimizing gut health through probiotic support.


Immunity is finally optimized with full wholefood nutritional support, with once again our unique flair in product allowing for a gentle cellular detox maintaining intracellular balance in this way.

Having said this, we also have a good parasite cleanse and a liver flush routine since the first mode of attack on any cancer should be vigorous cleansing. The deep intestinal cleanse which really gets to the core of the problem. A 7-day cleanse which may be used daily for continued effective cleansing till total health is established without making the gut lazy.


The probiotic is s very unique 12 strain liquid fermented product – further necessity for health maintenance and anti-cancer treatments.

The supplement is a very unique whole-food one that supplies all your core Essential nutrition for optimal absorption but its biggest claim to fame is the ability to do a gentle cellular detox, on a daily basis – the core to auto-immune maintenance – and Cancer is exactly this; a compromised state of Immunity brought in mostly by lifestyle issues requiring detoxing at all levels.

Kidney flush

We also suggest kidney flushes and heavy metal detox – the whole routine with enemas is rather crucial for establishing a state of health and balance that keeps Cancer at bay past the usual 5-year bench mark. Cancer and s merely a state of imbalance as with most diseases that can be reversed and generally cured.

Hope this answers the bulk of the questions. Any other queries are welcome. Of course, nutrition remains core and other lifestyle changes

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