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Cancer is merely a SYMPTOM (a form of dis-ease) and NOT a Disease

“Cancer is merely a SYMPTOM (a form of dis-ease) and NOT a Disease” Why do we say this and what do we do to assist in changing this migration form healthy to unhealthy?  It has been established in many studies that it is all about the environment around the cell (epi-genetics) + the time factor that the cell is exposed to this unhealthy state that determines the inner health of the cell and therefore the body.

Immune Responses

When cells are faced with excessive continued changes rather than dying like normal cells and being removed by your healthy functioning Immune System, they exhibit the exact opposite response of this normal healthy process: they start mutating and especially when no such cellular death occurs, and they are not excreted out of the body, coagulation or growth happens ( tumours). Normal Immune defences assist in these functions and more specifically self-healing and removal of defensive offenders. If however Immune functioning is compromised we have a problem and this is called CANCER. So, what we are really saying is that it is really all about the state of you Immune functioning.


A collection of cancer cells (tumours), for instance, are capable of building their own blood supply and are actually able of defending themselves by silencing cancer-suppressing genes and activating tumour-promoter genes. This in turn results in corrosive enzyme activity and resultant toxic waste moving freely throughout the body, altering the cancer cells metabolism to live in low oxygen, high sugar and acidic environments. Without detection by our defender Immune white blood cells.

There are over 100 ‘oncogenes’ known to exist within our DNA as has been established since the beginning of time but only quite recently have they established that the increase in Cancer statistics must be related to epi-genetics and this IS something we CAN monitor and control!!

Cancer as a symptom of cellular and environmental conditions gone wrong (the environment of the cell has become inhospitable to normal cell function), and in order to survive, the cell undergoes profound genetic changes. Cancer is something unnatural that happens to us as a result of conditioning with the resultant unnatural survival response.  Change and improve those conditions, and you do more to change Cancer cells than attacking it with various treatments as if you were fighting a war against the  ‘enemy’. The ‘enemy’ is not on the outside; it is however on the ‘inside’ and we do determine this to a large degree.

Toxic overdose

In  nutshell, “Cancer is an ancient survival response to an increasingly toxic environment, and an increasingly unnatural diet and compromised Immune function.  These cells have learned to survive the constant abuse, and have flipped into survival mode, which is self-centred, hyper-proliferative (constant self-repair/replication) and aggressive (metastatic), i.e. what does not kill you makes you stronger.

Cancer can no longer be viewed as something bad that happens to an intrinsically healthy body. Rather, cancer is something the body actively does in response to an intrinsically unhealthy cellular, bodily and planetary environment.  Instead of an expression of bodily deviance, it may be expressive of bodily intelligence, and the capability of our cells to survive in conditions that threaten to destroy cells beyond the critical threshold beyond which survival is impossible.”

Symptoms indicate change and the trick is to not wait till it is ‘too late’ but to rather hear the body’s cry for assistance in restoring our true genetic coding. This is a Godly coding of ‘health’ and not od ‘dis-ease’. Yes, years of genetic conditioning have upset the scale, but we are NOT governed by our genes but quite the opposite. Because mom or dad had cancer does NOT mean we are designed for same. Once again your DNA within every cell is just crying  out for health. You are what you eat, drink and think. You are worth it, so make a CHOICE for health. It is NEVER too late to start even if the Cancer symptom is already present. I beg to believe good healthy living choices can make the change to restore what God already has created in you – the body’s natural rhythm of restoration WITHIN a correct framework. This is the bod’s defence mechanism i.e. Our Immune System

So, start with that detox. Clean out the debris. And then restore. You are what you eat remember? Go back to basics the way it was way back in the beginning of time, eating from the earth as God has revealed to us and cut out all other man-made alternatives. We now know they DON’T work anyway. Feed your body as if you love it or would feed your loved ones.

Imsyser to the Rescue

Imsyser wants to assist in the global educational process and above all be a motivation for people. You can make a difference  in your own life. Make it TODAY!!! For more on the products range to assist in this natural detoxification and assistance in bringing your Immune system into alignment visit or Call IMSYSER at HO @ 086 010 3859 for more information on this amazing product range.


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