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More On Cancer & ALL ‘Disease’ Prevention

More on Cancer & ALL ‘Dis-Ease’ Prevention…

Whether you are living with the results of Cancer and doing ‘dis-ease’ prevention or just trying to prevent this awful ‘imbalance’ that potentially can destroy your life, the plan of attack is always the same. For this purpose I believe Imsyser was literally ‘designed’ and in effect comes to the table as a preventative/restorative  kit almost miraculously, always.

The basic Imsyser range consists out of 3 products:

  1. 7 day Deep Intestinal Cleanse
  2. Daily 12 Strain Probiotic ( inclusive of Prebiotics and Natural Digestive Enzymes)
  3. Daily Immune Modulator/Stabiliser consisting of all the essentials all in one tablet.

After all it is all about retrieving this natural balance and this can only ever be achieved once a total DETOX IS DONE in all aspects as expressed in this next order of events:

Detox of the Intestines/Colon ( see the Imsyser range

Detox of the Liver (see for the Liver Flush recipe)

Detox of the Kidneys (see for more Imsyser products)

Detox of the Lymph System (exercise/move at least daily)

Parasite Cleanse (see for extended products)

Detox of the Heavy metals by Chelation agents

And then restoration:

Restore of the Immune System (see for the Imsyser Tablets and Probiotics)

Lifestyle choices and maintenance thereof s a Lifestyle choice.

Each cell was designed to function optimally till it ‘passes’ – this optimal functioning lies in the ‘good nutrition it receives and feeds on (epi-genetics = cellular surroundings) and this includes negative energies feeding this same inter-cellular ‘feeding pool’ and then, of course, the regular removal of waste from this same surrounding. If not the cell dies, toxifies the surrounding tissue and slow build up upon build up eventually ends up in the big C.

So it’s all about maintaining the God-designed balance in a truly alkaline medium and literally you can’t go wrong. As a rule we ARE the root cause of most of our dis-ease!!

Remember all systems work together in this unique God-designed body and as such have to be treated yes each in its own individuality but also as a whole, one day at a time. This ‘mess’ happened over time and as such needs to be restored. There is very seldom extreme need for rushing in cutting and doing excessive treatments that are not only highly toxic to the whole body but also destructive and seldom a long term solution or Cancer destroyer. So detox follows by naturally choosing to do it ALL very differently to the first time around when the open door to dis-ease happened. It would after all be madness to repeat the same and expect different results.

So next time round…….choose Gods garden (natural organic greens) – it still remains the Recipe!! Day in and day out. Change the diet and Change the Nature of the ‘dis-ease’!!

Also next time round…… choose to believe in the power of the Mind, also as designed by God. The power of choices , the power of believing you CAN, and you WILL be healed. Love yourself and Forgive ALL ( including yourself), all the time!!

The Imsyser team has a message of love and hope for all no matter what the condition of health. We aim to assist in disease prevention and if worse, dis-ease reversal. Call 086 010 3859 for more or please visit our website

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