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Cancer Cure Facts

Sharing some Cancer Cure Facts as per Dr Gant.

It all goes to prove that we are only as strong as our Immune System is. This ultimate ‘gift’ was God designed and when nurtured as it should be will be your ultimate defence mechanism. You are what you THINK and what you EAT. This Truth lies in your hands….questions and answers follow:

  1. Do cancer cells exist normally in the body?

Yes. Many cancer cells come into existence in all people’s bodies, every second of their entire lives. Some estimates have suggested that on average, 1000 cancer cells per second are formed in our body, but no one knows for sure. Cancer is caused by abnormal cells forming faster than a normal Immune System can destroy them, or by an impaired Immune System that cannot keep up with destroying cancer cells that form at a normal rate.

  1. Then why doesn’t everyone get cancer?

Everyone has cancer, and the process of dividing humanity into those who “have cancer” and those who are “cancer free” is not only scientifically inaccurate, it isolates those who have a lot of cancer and harms them emotionally. Normally one’s immune system identifies cancer cells as abnormal and kills them. When the normal checks and balances exist in an ecosystem, ‘dis- ease’ does not overrun us.

  1. What causes cancer cells to form at such a high rate that it is hard for a normal Immune System to destroy them?

Toxins from the environment (pollution, heavy metals) and from inside the body (e.g.: parasites, unhealthy bacteria, viruses, and yeast) damage cells, especially the part of the DNA which tells the cell to stop dividing. Nutritional deficiencies also directly damage cell physiology and prevent repair. Antioxidants assist in removing toxins that damage cells. There are also genetic vulnerabilities (oncogenes) to toxin injury and/or nutritional deficiency.

  1. What causes the immune system to be damaged, or preoccupied, so it cannot keep up with clearing cancer cells which are being created at a normal rate?

The Immune System is composed of cells which can be damaged and impaired by toxins and nutritional deficiencies! Moreover, stress (“fight or flight”) increases metabolism and the generation of metabolic waste products, thus adding to the toxin load of the immune system. Toxic Overload. Stress causes the body to use up nutrients faster, potentially worsening deficiencies associated with cancer risk.

  1. Can the immune system be relieved of its other duties so it can spend more time killing cancer cells?

Yes. From 60 to 80% of the Immune System is in or around the gut, or gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestines, liver), where it does its normal housekeeping chores of containing the potential toxins and toxic organisms, which occupy the gut. Relieving the burden of the gut on the Immune System, by replenishing digestive enzymes, healthy flora and lessening food allergy (leaky gut) frees the Immune System up to attend to other issues, such as attacking cancer cells. This is why most cancer treatments based on authentic healing practices concentrate on gut healing.

  1. More specifically, how is the burden of the gut relieved so the Immune System becomes unencumbered?

6.1  Remove the unhealthy organisms.

6.2  Reintroduce the healthy flora.

6.3 Repair the lining of the gut.

6.4 Restore the detoxification system.

6.5 Replenishing digestive enzymes.

If the immune system is not relieved of its burden, is it still possible to cure cancer?

Yes. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which potentially kills cancer cells, may damage the cancer more than the Immune System, so that the relative balance of power shifts to the Immune System. If the cancer is isolated to one part of the body, surgery can remove it completely.

  1. If chemotherapy or radiotherapy does not eliminate the cancer, why does its effectiveness lessen over time?

Many types of radiotherapy and chemotherapy eventually damage the Immune System enough so that one loses the ability to kill cancer cells. Even if a cancer is “cured” by chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and/or surgery, the Immune System still needs to be strengthened, because the vulnerability which led to the initial overgrowth of cancer cells can eventually lead to the formation of a new cancer. Some of the newer chemotherapy agents, both nutritional and pharmacological, enhance the ability of the immune system to attack cancer cells. These are less likely to lose their effectiveness over time.

  1. Why do chemotherapy and radiotherapy sometimes not work?

The treatment damages the Immune System too much, or it does not damage the cancer cells enough, so the balance of power doesn’t shift sufficiently to the Immune System.

  1. Why does surgery sometimes not work?

Not enough of the cancer cells were removed, such that those remaining are still multiplying at a rate greater than the Immune System’s ability to kill them.

  1. If chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery is done, is it important to improve the health of my Immune System?

Most of the research done so far strongly suggests that nutritional and detoxification therapies, when applied at the same time as the chemo- or radiotherapy, improve outcomes.

  1. Is there a single cure for cancer?

Probably not. At least not in the sense of a “magic bullet” treatment that will work for everyone. Even if such discoveries are made, most of the job of removing cancer cells will still rest on your immune system. Even the most dramatic medical cures — such as the treatment of infectious disease with antibiotics — only shift the balance of power a few percentage points in favour of the Immune System. That’s just enough to allow it to kill the germs faster than they can reproduce. The cure ultimately lies within us, to be found in enhancing the Immune System’s innate ability to attack cancerous cell.

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