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Bringing All Levels Of Existence In Line With Your True Calling

As the saying always goes ‘when the going gets tough, the tough gets going’!!

So we have passed D-day, 31st January, almost into the 2nd month of the year and more than likely reeling from catch up, to just plain, where to next? This is almost always the case unless if you are one of the lucky ones who takes the 1st of January as a challenge and simply runs with it. For the rest of us it is not always that easy or simple but one thing I have definitely learnt is that the journey is always a lot more easy when you try and bring all levels of existence in line with your true calling or more simply in line with God.

I was telling a friend of mine this weekend that as a ‘spiritual being’, God serving, I found that the challenges are always ongoing and definitely not for the faint hearted!! We are all work in progress and called for something higher and better.

New Year Resolutions??

So too, being in the health industry, the challenge is ALWAYS not just starting the year on a good note again but more about discovering your ‘truth’ for your own body ( each one of us has a unique blood type and associated diet that works for you) and actually maintaining that EVERY day, remains the challenge. Well we all cheat a little and that is ‘ok’ but the truth of the matter is that healthy living is actually hard work initially and then, just maintaining. And believe you me it ALWAYS pays to do this. So, having said this, we had all better do a little hard planning into February – it is also NEVER too late to start. Following the Imsyser team on all our social platforms and website should definitely assist in bringing this ‘healthy reset’ into alignment. And, as I always say, if we don’t know how to help you, we will find out to the best of our ability how we might be of service other than having the most amazing and incredibly unique product range available!


But then again, we are not mentioning the final ‘arm’ to a healthy existence, and that is the ‘soul part’! We all have issues. We all have baggage and a ‘past’. But that should not torment you for the rest of your days or for that matter be allowed to literally ruin the rest of your existence. You owe this to yourself and I promise you that your health isn’t going anywhere until you have tapped into this ‘void’ and started daily restoration. This means controlled thoughts, negating any negative energy/source or thought, and quite simply loving yourself. If negative energy is ruining your life, it will end up destroying you in the long run. Dr Caroline Leaf is probably the best person I know of that deals with all of these factors affecting our overall health. She would know – why ?? She has manged to bring Science and understanding God to the same platform. The results she has produced from her works in the industry are quite simply astounding, especially when she is managing to salvage brains and bodies supposedly wrecked by all kinds of trauma.

We are NOT governed by our DNA, our past, or for that matter the present, unless you allow this to be your ruining. We have choices.

Why not start today? Choose healthy thoughts, do forgiveness, make small changes in your physical health ( and maintain them) and more importantly bring all of them into alignment with your greater calling. God chose that for you, why not choose that for you too. You are worth it!!

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