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Understanding Brain Health – it Does Not Age ….. It just Matures!!

Understanding Brain Health it does Not Age ….. It just Matures!!

As we reach year end and plan for the holiday, maybe one of the things we should be considering taking along is a good book to read or for that matter the i-pad so that you can view dr. Caroline Leaf on the crucial importance of brain functioning, health and so much more about how we are THE important link to either health or dis-ease.

But more importantly how brain and health run hand in hand. So eat well and you have a healthy brain and body. Breathe (exercise daily) well and you assist your body in health as well as ensuring that your brain functions well. and most importantly ‘feed’ your brain with healthy thoughts and notice you WILL experience perfect health!! So we are in actual fact saying that nutrition is crucial for a healthy brain but also saying as you will see below that the brain has a natural ability to mature with a little of your help. So why not choose this Christmas holidays as time to recuperate whilst stimulating the brain. Keep ‘brain fit’ for 2017. Keep growing in knowledge. And you will reap the benefits as you ‘serve’ your body in and through health. It costs nothing just a little TLC and time.

Many people have also been miss-lead to believe that intelligence is something that you are born with…that you either have the ability to be clever or you don’t. They believe that intelligence is fixed, that it is pre-set and is not going to improve. However, it is good news to know that that is not true. Your intelligence develops according to how you determine it to develop. It is dynamic and it goes hand in hand with learning how to use your brain correctly. It is something that develops through your entire lifetime. The more you use your brain and the more you think properly, the more intelligent you become. You will improve the performance of your brain by 35 to 75% if you learn how to think correctly. Medical research has now shown that the more intelligent you become, the healthier you become! Intellect and physical health are directly linked.

So let’s start today. Just a little health tip from the Imsyser team to motivate you into perfect wellness, lovingly!!

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