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Boost your Probiotics with Prebiotics…

Immune & Digestive System

At Least 70% of Your Immune System Is in Your Digestive System! Since you need a strong Immune System for optimal health, you need to keep your gut in the best shape ever more than ever today.

How do we do this?

Super Boost your Immune System by feeding your digestive system with Probiotics.  Probiotics are ‘live’ bacterial microbes that can be ingested to support digestion and fortify the balance of good vs. bad gut bacteria. Especially following antibiotics. Your fermented types are always best as they mimic natural fermented digestive states of the human gut ( our gut is like a broiling machine) and natural food sources available to support such. Naturally fermented foods are great health-boosters. But it can be difficult to make sure you eat them every day in the right quantities. Super quantities are generally needed since most plant sources are depleted because of soil depletion. So that leaves us with the most obvious choice hereafter – get healthy probiotics daily, by taking a probiotic supplement…

Most probiotic supplements on the market today are derived from dairy products. Probiotics derived from dairy are required to be refrigerated, otherwise the bacteria die off and you’re left with a product that  can no longer do what it’s supposed to do. This we know is not always possible for all and especially if you’re traveling. (Traveling by itself can make you more vulnerable to illness, so that’s the last time you’d want to skip taking a probiotic supplement.) What’s more, when you buy a probiotic, there’s no way to know how well that product was refrigerated during transit. Refrigerating is an issue for most moms at the best of times!!

Boost your Probiotics with Prebiotics.

We all know that modern-day probiotics cannot do the shelf life as suggested if none of the prebiotics are available. If no food for these supposed billions of probiotics is missing how will they survive?? And more importantly the value of the symbiosis between these the pre- & pro-biotics cannot be overemphasised. We were, in the past, given Grace in this aspect since our diets were more fibre-filled. Which acted as prebiotics for the natural probiotics. But in modern day living conditions the once thing we miss is fibre. So in reality we NEED prebiotics.

Digestive enzymes are the final ingredient to make this natural fermented product as successful as it is.

These digestive enzymes, all 100 % natural, will not only improve the efficiently of the gut but also assist in the job of breaking down food and optimising nutritional uptake. The best nutritional input will not be optimised if it cannot be physically absorbed. And this is one of the largest failures in modern day living ‘gut dis-functions’ which ultimately leads to dis-ease or worse.

The Imsyser Probiotic

So what we have is a ‘3 – in – 1’  live 12 STRAIN Pre- & pro-biotic fermented product that potentially has a shelf life of anything up to 3 years ( the product has been tested and we have still seen probiotic ‘life’ in this time span (even though the shelf life by law is 1 year) and does NOT have to be refrigerated. The good bacteria actually likes ‘human temperatures’ as this is what it knows. Also the 500 ml brown container serves to protect the bacterial from direct sunlight and might also even serve a family, all ages , for up to a month in its ‘macro quantity’ unlike most other pharmaceutical competitors.

Where to find Imsyser Probiotic

The product is Nappi coded literally works almost instantly when used as per bio-feedback from our very happy clients.  Available country-wide.

So call today for more on this amazing product 086 010 3859 or simply 


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