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Boost Testosterone, Prostate And Urinary Health

Boost your body’s level of Free testosterone, boost your prostate & urinary health, and beat those TOXINS right off their socks!

For thousands of years, stinging nettle has been prized by the ancient Romans and Greeks, as well as Native American tribes, to stimulate circulation, support healthy prostates and to help many other common health complaints. In fact, the famous Greek physician Hippocrates reported 61 remedies using nettle!

This herb is a “must” for any testosterone boosting/men’s health supplement for two reasons.

  1. too much estrogen also increases the amount of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). Too much SHBG binds to your testosterone making it unavailable to your testosterone receptor sites where it’s needed to boost sexual stimulation. Again, your testosterone receptor sites are BLOCKED so your body can’t produce enough T. As much as 50% of your body’s testosterone is bound up by SHBG, making the testosterone useless.

Stinging nettle includes extracts known as lignans that bind with SHBG, making it unable to lock up testosterone. THIS MEANS YOUR BODY WILL BE FLOODED WITH MORE FREE TESTOSTERONE. THE VALUE IN THIS:

  1. More Energy
  2. Improved sex drive
  3. Improved  overall health
  4. Overall Immunity
  5. Toxic release

For years Imsyser were involved with a team of health experts delivery advice and clinics on a regular base with amazing results of ANY kind. And the very first drink of the day other than downing a tall glass or 2 of water first thing in the morning was a stinging nettle tea drink and in fact for the first 3 days that was about all we had such or diluted in water for the ultimate detox.  But thinking about it; it I all about DETOX.

In this case we are cleansing; therefore improving energy levels and in the same process improving our natural testosterone levels which we all have and need male and female. A true no brainer!!!

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