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Book Launch – Dr Arien Van Der Merwe

Imsyser want to share Dr Arien’s book launch with our readers, as she wrote about new findings regarding Diabetes, which the Imsyser Team also were not aware of.  It is definitely a very informative book, worth buying 

Hi Everyone

My heart is overflowing with gratitude today! It was a wonderful book launch and so many friends, family, patients, colleagues and loyal and supportive service providers all came to celebrate with me! Thank you to Lancet for doing on the spot blood glucose (sugar) tests, which were well supported by all the guests.

Thank you everyone for having shared this awesome event with me, Prof Marius Herholdt for the introduction, and Pieter du Plessis from ActionCoach who concluded with a short speech. Everyone had a really good time ‘kuiering’ and socialising afterwards! For me this was truly a celebration, after the many hours sitting down and simply write, write, write, then edit, edit, edit! It was, however, so worthwhile and I’m truly grateful for the final product, holding the intention that it would be of benefit to the many people with diabetes and metabolic syndrome – a message of hope! Thank you to NB Publishers for sponsoring the catering and Leopard’s Leap wines, Lientjie from Tempting Cakes & Catering for the lovely, healthy and tasty snacks and drinks – no sugar, no carbs, therefore suitable for diabetics and all of us on the Weight Control Clinic’s Rapid Fat Loss Program! Thank you to Nellie, experienced nurse at the Weight Control Clinic and Anri, business manager, partner in Ariani Health Solutions and owner of PlayFunFitness. I couldn’t have done it without you all!

For photo’s of the Event, please visit this link:

Warmest regards,


(Dr Arien Van Der Merwe)

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