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Blood Types, Nutrition And Health Tips For All

Blood types, Nutrition and Health Tips for all

It must be made clear that there is no standard diet that is ideal for any or every individual as there is not one person on this earth that has the same unique blood group as the next. In general terms, yes, we might have groups of blood types but not on single person’s blood print is exactly another as with our unique eye print of for that matter, a finger print. And then, of course, how we eat is as important as what to eat.

Modern Day Probiotics

Various factors need to be kept in mind while working out the ideal diet for a person based on his/her specific constitutional characteristics. Selection and preparation of ingredients which balances the body and mind play an important role. And this needs, at all times, to be reflected through a healthy gut functioning as supported by modern day probiotics fermented to human gut perfection as with the Imsyser range.

A couple of tips to follow:

Balance is optimal.

  • Hydration must be optimal.
  • The main meal should be eaten lunchtime or as an early dinner. If weight loss is on the agenda then nothing after 7pm at night;  with the other two meals being smaller and lighter.
  • Fruits should be eaten alone, about one hour before or after meal, because fruits tend to ferment in the digestive tract and led to bloatedness in most cases when taken with food. Fruits should also not be eaten with milk or other dairy products, because the acidity of the fruit in the stomach curdles the milk in the stomach.
  • Avoid complex food combinations, especially when dairy&/wheat is involved.
  • Drink ½ cup of warm water before each meal to activate digestion.
  • Avoid drinking water or other fluids with the meal, making digestion sluggish. Taking water or fluids directly after the meal has the same counter-productive effects and promotes lethargy and weight gain.
  • Chew the meal thoroughly – the healthy suggestion being to actually put down your utensils and count to 20 as you slowly chew your food properly. You will be surprised at how full you might feel a whole lot sooner than you normally would. This most definitely helps with weight-loss.
  • Eat meals at the dinner table and not in front of the TV.
  • Some food and drinks are beneficial to our health while some food and drinks create diseases. Remember wines stimulate appetite but I like to believe that some red wine with a meal on occasion can make the ‘social aspect’ of the eating aspect a pleasant one. As a rule drinks = weight-gain!!
  • Learn to associate with the diet YOUR body likes and knows. Make the diet a health routine and not a ‘diet’. Our Divine ‘diet’ imprint was recognised at birth but with modern day diets and pressure from parents enforcing certain foods, we have lost the ability to listen to our bodies.
  • Diet, along with daily habits, is crucial to the health of an individual. Avoid sugars at all costs.
  • Avoid sugary drinks and energy drinks at all costs.

And, finally, when in doubt, GO GREEN.

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