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Blood Brain Barrier Health

Blood Brain Barrier Health. Managing Pathogens across Your Blood Brain Barrier What are pathogens? Blood Brain Barrier Health. A pathogen is an organism that causes disease. Your body is full of microbes, the good one and the not so good ones.  However, with your immune system weakened, these microbes and or pathogens can cause problem.…


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Blood Brain Barrier Health. Managing Pathogens across Your Blood Brain Barrier

What are pathogens?

Blood Brain Barrier Health. A pathogen is an organism that causes disease. Your body is full of microbes, the good one and the not so good ones.  However, with your immune system weakened, these microbes and or pathogens can cause problem. Defense systems out of whack protecting certain areas like the brain. Pathogens needs to thrive and survive is a host. Bypassing the body’s immune responses, replicating and spreading within the host. Or too a new host as with the classic Pandemic we are experiencing right now.

What is the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)?

The BBB is a highly selective border that separates the circulating blood through the body. From the brain and extracellular fluid in the central nervous system. The BBB has several important functions of which one is to protect the brain from foreign substances in the blood that may injure the brain. It also protects the brain from hormones and neurotransmitters (endogenous chemicals) causing inflammation and or disease.

Firstly, endothelial cells are wedged extremely close to each other in the capillaries that form the blood–brain barrier, forming so-called tight junctions. Secondly, the tight gap allows only small molecules, fat-soluble molecules, and some gases to pass freely through the capillary wall and into brain tissue.

BBB access disturbing Brain and Body Health

Bacteria and other toxins can leak into and infect the brain tissue. This can lead to inflammation and sometimes death if, however, the BBB is damaged and or porous for any reason, . Most importantly, researchers discovered that mycotoxins can clearly reduce the integrity of the blood-brain barrier. Mostly, Mycotoxins, including healthy food sources are found everywhere.


However, sugar can cross the BBB, normally good enough in smaller doses for healthy fuelling of the brain.  Firstly, glucose transport highly enriched into the brain cells. Secondly, it is important to remember that blood delivers fuel and nourishment to the brain through a complex of blood vessels that reaches every neighbourhood of the brain. However, with modern day sugar addictions and or hidden overdoses within supposedly even healthy sources of food – problem!!!  resulting in triggering inflammation. Reduce blood sugar levels at all levels:



is also able to penetrate the brain and alcohol kills brain cells. All modern-day triggers with chronic addictive patterns rendering our healthy constantly compromised.


A myco-toxins, also triggers inflammation, promoting oxidative damage in the brain, and disrupts the BBB by disrupting brain function, “leaky brain”. Recent research has found a link between the blood-brain barrier and systemic inflammation in Alzheimer’s disease and other neurogenerative disorders.

Parasites and other pathogens

Release their own off waste, micro-waste, this too might be seen as myco-toxins also small enough too pass BBB doing further damage too your brain health. Most people choose not to be aware even when research has closely linked many cancers and modern-day toxicity from this source with brain health discrepancies.  The commonly missed areas of exposure are parasites

EMF exposure

Ffrom Computers, cell phones, and Wi-Fi have made life easier but increased our potential risks with harm to the BBB. Reduce heavy metal and all toxicity:



Playing a serious role in neurotoxic and can cause many neurological diseases, including Dementia, Autism and Parkinson’s disease. High levels of aluminium in the brain can also cause Alzheimer disease.

Each time your nose catches the aluminium vapours from cigarette smoke as well as vapour smoke and ingest them regularly. These particles are sent directly into the lungs which will pass into the blood stream.  They are distributed through the body, including the bones and the brain. There is also a link between aluminium and disease such as breast cancer and neurological disorders.




The underlying cause of many mental and physical ailments. It elevates cortisol levels which can lead to cognitive decline, thyroid and metabolic dysfunction and Immune suppression. Research shows that acute stress increases permeability of the blood-brain barrier as well. Supplementation or taking Epsom salt baths is still necessary for most people because magnesium is rapidly used up during times of stress and certain psychiatric drugs can deplete magnesium:


Poor Gut Health

Directly impacts on your brain function. It’s becoming increasing clear that our gut bacteria directly affect the health of our BBB. Eating more prebiotic fibre and resistant starch, taking a high-quality probiotic, and eating fermented foods on a regular basis can increase the total amount of healthy diverse good bacteria in your gut:



Lack of Magnesium

A vital mineral that participates in more than 300 biochemical reactions in your body, including neurotransmitter, enzyme, and hormonal activity, all of which can have a huge effect on your mood and brain function. Magnesium increase your brain’s growth hormone, and help you overcome addiction and withdrawals as well support your BBB. Multiple studies found that Magnesium protects the blood-brain barrier, prevents its disruption, and significantly reduces hyperpermeability. Magnesium’s protective effect against BBB hyperpermeability has also been seen after traumatic brain injury:


Lack of Super Nutrition affects your BBB. Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a proven antioxidant that protects cells from oxidative stress caused by destructive free radicals. It also reduces inflammation. And since it can cross the BBB, it can easily do its magic protecting the brain. Omega-3 fatty acids taken daily are crucial for good Brain health making sure all your essential nutrition is from wholefood source and not just chemical compositions that either sound good or various compositions just scrambled together   :


Vitamin C

Crosses the BBB, crucial for times such as now.

Many organic herbs can also cross the BBB, like garlic, turmeric and some other organic herbs that must be carried across by proteins; all super charging your Immunity in the process.

So too, the Imsyser Vulcan Silver with Nano-technology silver particles can cross the BBB inducing super-charged healing.  Bacterial, fungal and viral infections deteriorate the BBB allowing bacteria into the brain where they do not belong:


All systemic inflammation can damage the BBB. Along with avoiding inflammatory foods, adding antioxidant-rich foods to your diet can help reduce inflammation. Some of the best antioxidant foods are blueberries, salmon, dark chocolate, and leafy greens. Antioxidant-rich foods are not only beneficial for the BBB, but also the health of your gut. Curcumin, helps to reduce intestinal inflammation and can help heal a leaky gut.

Controlling inflammation is key in maintaining a healthy BBB, we should avoid the following inflammatory foods in our diet as much as possible:

  • Fried foods
  • Sugar
  • Refined flour
  • Processed foods
  • Trans fats
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy

Where Gut health has been on the forefront of health the greater lurking truth now also encompasses brain health going forward. They are inter-connected thanks too the Vagus nerve and all the micro-organisms moving and messaging back and forth. Imsyser specializes in gut and Immune health and we know that by tackling these aspects, we manage brain health and all toxic issues affecting all health. Simply call 086 010 3859 or click here: 

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