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“Sweet Poison”

Sharing: “Sweet Poison” Secrets Did you know that there are 3 letters on food labels that you MUST avoid, especially if they’re at the beginning of the list of ingredients? Those letters are ‘OSE’… Spotting sugar on food labels isn’t quite as easy as it once was.  Food manufacturers are … Read more

Positive vs Negative Stress

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf. We have been told stress is always detrimental to our bodies. Not so! There is such a thing as positive stress! Let me explain. Stress is the bodies reaction influences coming from outside or inside the body. Stress has three stages. Stage One is positive. … Read more

Your Colon’s Main Function

Your colon’s main job is to squeeze water and nutrients out of your food as it’s digested to keep your body hydrated and provide nourishment. When you don’t drink enough water, the food inside your colon dries out too much and gets squeezed into tiny balls of faecal matter. Your … Read more

Your Gut This Christmas Season

It has been known(through studies done universally) that when doctors give their patients with Constipation Syndrome a treatment that included a high quality soluble fibre called Psyllium, they saw the patients’ abdominal mass fall from 42% to 17%…and ano-rectal constipation reduced from 62% to 19%! Patients were thrilled to report … Read more

Epigenetics and the “rewriting” of your genes

Epigenetics and the “rewriting” of your genes & and having supreme control over your health” What is Epigenetics? The prefix “epi” means “above” – as in “above the genes.” In your body, you have “epigenes” that attach to your cells and have control over and above the genes (or DNA) … Read more

Death begins in the colon!

If you’ve got kg’s of waste rotting away inside of your intestines & if you are not producing well-formed stools after each meal, you are most likely a walking vessel of faecal toxicity! Most people have up to 8 undigested meals in their bodies at any given time…most people are … Read more

Heart problems begin in the colon

Sharing more scary statistics: Heart problems begin in the colon!!! It has been suggested that bloating and gas kill up to 49% of heart patients in 5 years… when your gut bacteria get ‘out of balance’, bad bacteria take over. These bad bacteria cause a host of health problems like … Read more


“Let food be thy medicine… and let thy medicine be food.” — Hippocrates, Father of Medicine “Your body has the power to literally rebuild itself from the way it is today… to a brand new body tomorrow,” You Cannot Build a Healthier Body by Simply Eating More Vegetables and Fruits. … Read more

Digestive Health by the Imsyser team

Well, did you know that you have over 80 Trillion microscopic intestinal flora in your body? And you need every single one of them to maintain a healthy digestive track! 80% of your immune system cells are in the lining of your intestines! All the good reasons to make sure … Read more

Gut Issues Discussed by Imsyser

 Do you have any of the following symptoms? •Abdominal Pain (especially after eating) •Stomach Bloating •Fewer than one bowel movement per two or three days •Excessive straining •Dry, hard stools that are difficult to pass •Low energy •General Irritability •Strange odor coming through your pores or breath Chances are you … Read more

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