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It’s Time for You to Understand the Benefits of Fiber

Fiber has long been recognized for helping with digestive regularity and occasional constipation, however the advantages of a fiber-rich diet go far beyond these basic benefits.*

In fact, diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 7 grams

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Choose Your Foods Wisely

Conventional medicine certainly needs to curtail its prescriptions for antibiotics, but even if you use antibiotics judiciously you’re still exposed to great amounts of antibiotics from the foods you eat, and this is entirely unnecessary. This is one of the primary reasons why I ONLY recommend organic, grass-fed, free-range meats or organic pastured chickens, as non-medical use of antibiotics is not permitted in organic farming. They’re also far superior to CAFO-raised meats in terms of nutritional content.

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What Live blood analysis detects

Many of  the phenomena observed in the live and dry blood are:

  • The level of activity of the immune system
  • The condition of the red blood cells
  • Liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, lung, prostate, uterus and other organ stress
  • Detection of the presence of parasites, yeast, fungus, mold

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CALIFORNIA—A recent study conducted at the University of California and published in the journal Food and Nutrition found that avocados reduce inflammation and minimize the risk for disease.

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Antibiotics don’t cure sinus infections – but this does

A few weeks ago, Dave contacted me and told me he felt awful. He had a terrible sinus infection that just wouldn’t go away. The doctor gave him three rounds of antibiotics, and not one of them made a dent in the infection. Once Dave told me that, I knew it was time to look in a different direction.

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Active Ingredients of Aloe Vera

The Aloe bitters contain anthraquinones, mainly aloin and alecin, as well as resins.  Aloin is pharmacologically inactive, but when ingested it is converted by the bowel flora to aloe-emodin anthrone, which has primarily a laxative effect.  As the aloin has to reach the colon before any effect can occur, it takes about 8 hours to work.  A dose taken at bedtime therefore results in a bowel movement the next morning.

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Getuienis wat ons laas week ontvang het van ‘n dame wat verslaaf was aan dwelms :
Daai pille van jou… amazing! Shoe! Ek ontrek en nie eers moeg nie! Hele dag wakker gewees. Ek weet nie wat in die pille maar dis soos ‘n booster – die internet sal jou se die ontrekings van crystal meth so erg dat ‘n mens kan dood gaan. Dan vandat ek gebruik het ek nie pyn

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