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Recommended Daily Food

– Natural , pure, whole & Fresh food.

–  60% should be raw.

– Balance 80% alkaline 20% acid

– Daily : 6 vegetables, 2 fruits, 1 starch, 1 protein and 1 oil.

– Eat variety of foods every day.

– Eat starches and proteins separately.

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Getuienis wat ons laas week ontvang het van ‘n dame wat verslaaf was aan dwelms :
Daai pille van jou… amazing! Shoe! Ek ontrek en nie eers moeg nie! Hele dag wakker gewees. Ek weet nie wat in die pille maar dis soos ‘n booster – die internet sal jou se die ontrekings van crystal meth so erg dat ‘n mens kan dood gaan. Dan vandat ek gebruik het ek nie pyn

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Eating & Thinking

You are the Sum Total of what you have been Eating. ( most of the time )

– This is the first concept (belief) to change

– You are not attacked from outside

– The body’s immune system is broken down as a result of your lifestyle

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The Latest News About Green Peas and Broccoli

By Dr. Mercola

A compound in broccoli, glucosinolate, produces a metabolite called sulforaphane that is responsible for many of broccoli’s health-promoting properties.

Sulforaphane has been shown to have anti-diabetic and antimicrobial properties, and also kills cancer stem cells, which strikes to the heart of tumor malignancy. It can also significantly improve your blood pressure and kidney function, among other benefits.

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Breaking the bad habit

We have all tried to break our bad habit, but it just seems impossible.  We rely on willpower.  But it is just not enough.  We just fall back on our habits. Here is a better way to kick the habit. Habits are neurological shortcuts that we use to save mental … Read more

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