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Weightloss, health and Your Immunity…..

Weightloss, health and Your Immunity….. Cutting out wheat and sugar (particularly fructose and avoiding all artificial sweeteners of all kinds), is a crucial step if you want to normalize your weight. Paying attention to what you replace them with is equally important. One of your most basic health principles is … Read more

Imsyser Health Support through Lockdown

Encouragement during Lock-down We encourage you not to go into panic and fear throughout these turbulent times. Keep praying for all those around you instead. And remember your ‘head health’ is what will pull you through this time and for that matter is the one thing that matter that will … Read more

Imsyser Health supporting you through Lockdown

Imsyser at your service as Always We encourage you not to go into panic and fear during these turbulent times. Keep praying for all those around you instead. And remember your ‘head health’ is what will pull you through during this difficult time and could be your literal saving Grace! … Read more

There Are More Uses For Good Probiotics Than Meet The Eye

Need to know… So often we think of probiotics as a treatment process of a few days whilst taking an antibiotic. Sadly however even this golden rule is mostly neglected in most  medical  cases. So inevitably the result is a  compromised gut followed by a compromised Immunity. We all need a … Read more

Lockdown time for the whole country!

The good news It’s unnerving to say the least and my heart bleeds for our country but if I think of not closing down that would definitely be worse for all of our people. The good news is that Imsyser Health will be supplying all the wholesalers countrywide to keep … Read more

Maintaining Good Health Amidst Corona Crisis Management

Immunity is Dependent on Gut health I know its is holidays. I also know many are on holiday or at home and this is the time we have to really concentrate on looking after ourselves, keeping the distance and mostly just getting the Immunity totally in control. With this we … Read more

Holiday Sunshine Break Your best Anti-Corona Fight!

Holiday might be a great ‘Summer’ break for all of us…. Its all about Immunity so in this natural approach sunshine the most natural source of vitamin D will always come up. As the situation here in South Africa as the latest country to the list of countries affected,  the … Read more

Too tired to consider Corona already!!

Need to know… It’s been in our face for a while and yet in SA is only just started. Too much has already been said and written about Coronavirus. But having said this and confirming that at least our children, even though they are at home as of today, are … Read more

Vulcan Silver vs Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Vulcan Silver vs Coronavirus (COVID-19) HIV/AIDS has 35 million victims worldwide of which an estimated 2 million die each year (5% mortality). Sepsis has recently emerged as the No. 2 global killer (behind heart disease), responsible for more deaths annually than cancer and HIV combined, with a mortality rate of … Read more

Probiotics Can Supercharge Your Health!

Everything you need to know about nature’s beneficial bacteria… Everything you need to know so that your very best Immunity is preserved whilst Corona virus does its rounds….probiotics will give your health and well-being a major boost!. Probiotics can be a powerful ally in the fight against a range of … Read more


The latest research-supported treatment for your very best Brain Health We all know that most of us old and young are battling with this area of health. As the Imsyser Health team invested in your very best Immunity and Gut health it leaves nothing but obvious to serve you with … Read more

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