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Bloated??What is bloating really?

What is bloating really?? Well simply put merely excess air and gas trapped in your digestive tract (primarily in your 20-foot-long small intestines). This does not negate the incredible discomfort felt when bloated but avoiding certain actions might assist in reducing bloating as mentioned below:

  1. Wrong foods such as beans.
  2. Chewing Gum. Why?? We unknowingly end up swallowing some air, its that simple. Also most gums contain sugar alcohols, which can cause gas and bloating .
  3. Gulping down food too fast, mostly undigested. Digestion starts in the mouth, not in the stomach and therefore with every chew, you not only crush each bite into more easily digestible bits, but that food mingles with saliva and specialized enzymes that break down your food upon impact. In fact before you have even tasted any food the salivary juices specific to that food have already been released. The mind is a very powerful tool.  When you gulp and almost inhale your food, you largely miss out on that process, meaning your stomach has to work overtime to digest your food, leading to gas. Plus, you literally inhale air, she says. Slow down and don’t forget to chew.
  4. Drinking through a straw. With every sip through a straw, air comes up before the liquid.
  5. Snoring especially first thing in the morning.
  6. Possibly too much fibre. Fibre may make you feel full and lose weight and promote heart health but may cause a lot of bloating,
  7. Hormones can aggravate your digestive system and cause gas and bloating.
  8. Disturbed gut flora. Only Pre & probiotics can help in this condition but in a nutshell the bad bacteria have taken over the gut causing bloating ( pretty much like a old dirt-bin black bag full of old waste and bad bacteria taking over). If any natural ratio ( 10 % good bacteria vs 10 % ‘bad bacteria’ exists the rest of the 80% neutral bacteria side with the stronger party usually leading to such disturbance and resultant bloating.
  9. Weight issues. Toxins are trapped in fat and these same toxins find their way to the gut causing bloating.
  10. And then the worst offender IBS. This condition is far more serious and definitely more painful than just mere bloating. It is also very much stress related and often runs hand in hand with disturbed gut flora.

Imsyser Health products has the solution. Over and above the fact that a couple of lifestyle changes are advised as above, a daily dose of probiotics is advised, literally from birth. Baby literally inherits whatever gut state mommy has  and within a few days such might manifest in gut issues with baby ending in the classic ‘colic’. What is colic other than gas/bloating causing pain that cannot be verbalised other than excessive cramping and crying!!

The Imsyser Pre- & Probiotic liquid ( 500 ml bottle enough for a whole family) is a 12 strain probiotic designed with the latest technology completely unique and different to any design in SA and known to not only have a much longer shelf life with actives up to 3 years later but also literally 1/3 more active strains designed to support & mimick  the naturally existing gut flora symbiosis of man. A lot of the species are from plant and soil source the way it originally was designed by God. Good bacteria in the soil feeding the plant which then in effect feeds the human. A natural trail of goodness missing out of the modern day gut.

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