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Best health Means Looking After Your Gut AND Your Liver

Best health means looking after your gut and your liver.

Best health Means Looking After Your Gut AND Your Liver. As we have so often mentioned – gut health is core to all health. Gut Health pretty much equates into your Immune Health at large. But if the gut is not supported by a healthy liver, disease will set in, especially as we age. In reality, with modern day toxicity, be it meds or hidden toxins in our food and drink sources, even the youth are affected by poor gut and liver health. Poor or compromised

Immunity is but one of the effects of compromised functioning in any one of these organs. Your Liver health as part of the Digestive Process The liver, is part of the digestive system, regulating chemical levels in the blood and it excretes bile. All the blood leaving the stomach and intestines passes through the liver. The liver’s main job is to filter the blood before passing it to the rest of the body. Thus, the liver detoxifies and cleanses.

Another role of the liver is to ensure a healthy level of blood sugar by removing sugar from the blood and storing it as glycogen. When blood sugar levels are low, the liver will convert the glycogen to glucose, adding an energy boost to the bloodstream. When blood sugar levels are high, the liver can remove glucose from the blood as needed to keep the sugar levels constant.

Liver Health

The Role of Bile Bile acids are potent antimicrobials, playing an important role in the innate Immune defence system within the intestine. Healthy Bile supplies plays key roles in gut metabolism, cell signalling, and microbiome composition. Bile also plays an important role in regulating various physiological systems, such as fat digestion, cholesterol metabolism, vitamin absorption, liver function, and enterohepatic circulation through the combined signalling, detox and antimicrobial mechanisms.

Bile is produced from Cholesterol. So, looking after liver health remains crucial be it supportive to digestive health and or related Immunity: . How your Gut and Liver effect each other Microbes in the gut modifies and manages these biological functions. Mostly, after bile is released it is effected by your microbiome.The secondary release bile acids are the crucial ones. Linked to several diseases, such as cirrhosis, inflammatory bowel disease and cancer.

Our gut microbiome

The consortium of microorganisms living in our gastrointestinal system, is a major communicator between bile production and the digestive processes affecting our health. Both systems are interdependent on each other for effective long-term health. A lack of bile salts can cause a build-up of toxins in our bodies. Bile deficiency can also cause a problem with the formation of hormones , as all hormones are made from fats.

Hormones as with microbiome regulate and control the whole body. Fact!! Maintaining your healthiest microbiome health starts with your very best daily probiotic: Probiotics are symbiotic microorganisms which reside in intestine and play a role in promoting health. We all know the immense value of your healthy microbiome from gut health to brain health affecting all of our bodily functions.

But very often the value of the synergy missed from gut to liver health. And we wonder why so many battle with compromised health. Quite simply adding the very best probiotic may make all the difference, daily. It is that simple! We share because we care. For those interested in the lengthy studies

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