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Mid-rift and belly fat is one of the first tell tale signs that all is not well. Belly fat has been directly linked to actual death. It was also found (during Covid), that the metabolically compromised were those affected the worse. If you have too much belly fat, chances are you are also struggling with your energy levels, mood swings, sleep issues, blood sugar levels too mention but a handful. Diabetes indicators, this is the first indicator or measurement done.

Deep belly fat

If you are suffering with “deep belly fat” your risk increases for an early and painful death because that “deep fat” that surrounds your organs, including your liver, causing an increased health risk issues like sleep apnoea, joint pain, depression, anxiety, and muscle pain to not even mention diseases like Diabetes and Heart and heart related disease. All toxins are trapped in fat, so if this is surrounding your organs you are in bad shape.

How to start the health process?                        

Undeniably, the first step is always starting with a healthy detox. Cleansing out the colon with the 7 day Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse. You could lose between 2-5 kg. Cleaning out the old impacted waste and old gut mucosa lining. In conclusion, some have carrying up to 7 kg of waste at any in point in time.

Supporting gut health remains core to all health.  A healthier set of gut microbiome that will affect all the rest of the body microbiome would therefore be the next best step. I believe there is no better daily support especially where Immunity remains core using the Imsyser 12 strain Pre& Probiotic which includes Digestive Enzymes to support optimal digestive functions:

Circulation optimised with exercise. Your healthiest natural supplement to improve the cleansing process. In conclusion superfood nutritional supplements should be used daily to carry away waste and support Immunity.

Can Magnesium aid in weight loss?

Magnesium is a nutrient that the body needs to stay healthy. Magnesium is important for many processes in the body. Including regulating muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels and blood pressure. making protein, bone, and DNA. In other words, it is a very important necessity for daily health functioning. Therefor an excess of lactic acid can cause pain and muscle fatigue. Magnesium may help increase the effectiveness of workouts and lead to weight loss. With transporting lactic acid, magnesium moves blood sugar into the blood for energy during exercise. It increases the availability of oxygen to working muscles.

Magnesium. Without magnesium, the chemical reactions that produce energy in the body cannot happen. This dependency means that magnesium is essential for metabolism and energy production:

Weight-loss issues have increased tenfold with lockdown therefor the increase in belly-fat issues. Slowed down metabolisms or worse. At Imsyser Health we always assist our clients. Finding the right balance by assisting the body through effective health detoxing to improve Immunity. Call us 086 010 3859 we here to serve you.

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