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BEAUTY DOES COME FROM WITHIN!!! Listen is especially for the ladies today!!

You are what you eat! Does that mean that only the internal part of the body will benefit? Of course not! As the internal environment improves so too the skin is directly affected and ‘youth’ is prolonged in the strive for most of us to maintain optimal health and beauty by keeping the natural process of aging at bay!! It’s all about basics in our lifestyle choices!! You know the ones we always mention:

Enough Sunlight, Sleep enough, Reduce Stress, Drink at least 2L of Good Living Water, a Healthy as far as possibly Raw Diet, Exercise & definitely NO SMOKING!!! But in particular, pay attention to:

  1. Avoiding eating wheat!!!! – Bread, cereal, pasta, rice, potatoes, and corn can cause surges in insulin production. Consider a gluten-free diet – Particularly if you suffer from gluten intolerance, a gluten-free diet can potentially help you avoid toxins being pushed through your skin due to the intolerance. We have shared enough of this in previous articles.
  2. Eliminating sugar in your diet!!! – Like grains, sugar causes an insulin spike with the same results. Eliminate ALL sodas, juice, and energy drinks. This is for those sugars and all the preservatives. We have mentioned the ‘sugar’ warfare in numerous articles.
  3. Establish the proper balance of gut bacteria by taking a high-quality probiotic supplement which can promote a healthy balance of gut flora and support your immune system. Imsyser has an amazing 12 STRAIN liquid probiotic, a 2 month supply for daily usage. And have the added benefit of watching your weight issues minimise as time goes on!!
  4. Go slow on the dairies!!!
  5. Eat for your Nutritional Type, fine-tuning each meal to what YOUR body likes. There are specialists in this area but as a rule LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!!
  6. Naturally cleanse and moisturize your skin – Avoid toxic skin care products with risky chemical ingredients. They can cause more skin problems than they solve.
  7. And last but not least do a regular Deep Intestinal Cleanse to ensure optimal removal of any toxic wasteland lining the gut preventing good nutrition in and waste out of the body.

Visit the for more. Remember you are what you eat!!!

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