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Battling with chronic Immune compromised Conditions?

…a living testimony….

“As with Geva and Imsyser, I have developed a passionate relationship with the positive effects Vulcan Silver has on my health.  As an antimicrobial agent that kills microorganisms or stops their growth. In my opinion the two products work extremely well together. Literally hand in hand.

Effectively as an antibiotic of the future without the toxins and baring side effects. In effect it is 1 million times more effective than Colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is about one teaspoon, typically containing 5 to 30 (ppm) parts per million of silver. Whilst it is claimed that the body is readily able to pass or excrete this small amount of silver to such an extent that consumption thereof will not likely lead to excessive levels of silver accumulating in the body, it has been reported that this concentration is insufficient to effectively treat severe infections, diseases and/or disorders.

According to statistics, Vulcan Silver provides an antimicrobial composition including at least one or more macromolecules of silver particles in a liquid medium, wherein the concentration of the composition is from 40 ppm up to, and including, 500 000 ppm of silver compared to Colloidal silver at 5 to 30 (ppm) parts per million of silver.

From my understanding the body is able to heal faster with the support of an effective immune system. And that is where Vulcan Silver stands up as an antimicrobial agent and prepares the foundation of healthier cell reproduction – stopping the growth or killing microorganisms. With this assistance the immune system is better positioned to ward off the effects of fungi and bacteria in the body.

I have learned that antimicrobial resistance is a serious healthcare concern affecting millions of people around the world. Antiviral resistance has been viewed as a lesser threat than that of antibiotic resistance, and the need for alternative approaches in addressing this growing issue is needed.

In exploring Vulcan Silver as a non-toxic treatment against viral infections, toxicity of the synthetic anti-viral drugs, and the generation of resistant viral strains, has led me to understanding the novel inhibitors of diseases caused by pathogens. Vulcan Silver is developing a successful reputation in the treatment of different pathological conditions.

The timing of the emergence of drug resistance also relates to the significant differences between antibacterial and antivirals. Most bacteria are free living, so drugs generally target properties that are shared among many bacterial families, but not found in their hosts. Consequently, antibacterial are often broad spectrum and have minimal toxicity. In contrast, it is my understanding that viruses are obligated intracellular parasites that rely on host cellular functions and may have significant toxicities that compound especially in the environment of a weak immune system which gives rise to all sorts of health complications. Like cancers and bacterial infections which greatly increases the spread of resistance.

For many years I have dedicated time to understanding what a virus is and how it effects the body. And understanding that by simply being healthy can reverse many health issues. In understanding that, I began to realise the possibilities associated to almost resetting the immune system and then driving it with quality nutrients. And that is why I can appreciate the cellular effects Geva F contributes to strengthening the immune alongside the healing properties Vulcan Silver provide.

Personally, I feel that one truly is able to click the reset button, and this fascinates me.”

You heard it not from the Imsyser Health team although we are all on these two products as well as our immune support products such as the Imsyser 12 strain probiotic and the Imsyser Immune Support tabs for the best immune Support in this crisis management time – Covid-19 pandemic right here in South Africa following a worldwide path of destruction everywhere else!!

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