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Battered Bowel Ecology

Chronic fatigue, Immune Health & Weight issues as a result of battered bowel ecology.

The bowel ecosystem is always damaged in chronic states, and its restoration is the core for chronic fatigue, weight loss issues immune health and various other heath discrepancies.

In conventional medicine, treatment of symptoms directly related to the gut consists of suppression of those symptoms with drugs. It is remarkable that such a vast number of clinical problems seemingly unrelated to the bowel spontaneously resolve when the focus of clinical management turns to issues of bowel ecology. Symptoms such as persistent debilitating fatigue clear up. Troublesome mood swings subside. Joint pain and stiffness resolve. Chronic headache, anxiety, palpitations, incapacitating premenstrual symptoms, recurrent attacks of vaginitis, asthma and skin lesions and more disappear.

In a biological sense, our gut lining is our window to the world around us, and with the huge onslaught of heavy load of environmental pollutants & toxins, what will our health ‘look’ like?? It shows on your skin, in your energy levels in every health aspect.


And this is the core of the 12 Strain Liquid Microbial Stabilizer. A cocktail of pre & pro-biotics inclusive of a batch of natural digestive enzymes, all naturally existing in and similar to normal gut microbes found in the human gut. Anyway how scientific is the use of anti-inflammatory agents, anxiolytic drugs, antidepressants, anti-spastic agents, antihistamines, and of course broad-spectrum antibiotics? Most of these mimic soil microbes since this was the origin of our original probiotic source: plants. Unfortunately the soil is now deplete, therefor the plants and now we are DEPLETE!!

The integrity of human defenses cannot be preserved except through preservation of the gut ecology.


Disruptions of bowel ecology can be arrested and reversed only with a gardener’s sense of tending to the soil, nurturing the plants, and respect for the sunshine. Your gut deserves the same respect. Seeding is the repopulation of the gut with microflora that have been destroyed by indiscriminate use of antibiotics or crowded out by the unrestrained proliferation of yeast and bacteria. The ‘guardian angel bacteria’ for bowel ecology belong to the Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus species. Some other species also play protective roles and Imsyser has a whole cocktail of these.

Always consider the first step in this process of restoration. Clean the gut and the rest of the restoration is just that much faster and easier. For this purpose consider the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse, a 7 day gentle detox but may be maintained daily until complete restoration is achieved. Visit for more on these and more amazing products or call IMSYSER @ 086 010 3859.

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