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Balance Of Bacteria In The Body

Over 2000 years ago Hippocrates, the “Father of Western Medicine” said that all disease begins in the gut. One of the founders of immunology in the 19th century, said that longevity is directly linked to the balance of bacteria in the body.

Your gut health is directly related to your Emotional Wellbeing and your Immune Response, YOUR HEALTH. Improved brain functions have been well researched after extended antibiotic usage of the average adult and the results found that the daily use of a Probiotics, supporting the gut microbiome, made a huge difference to overall health and wellbeing.

The difference between off the shelf probiotics(mostly tablets/capsules) and the Imsyser Range (Liquid 12 Strain Pre&Probiotic + Natural Digestive Enzymes) lies in the fact that the latest technology is used as was developed after studying the unique functioning of the TOTAL digestive tract starting in the mouth ( the first part of the digestion process) all the way to the last part of the digestive tract where most of the natural existing good bacteria have been completely destroyed by antibiotic over-usage in most adults. In fact, up to a maximum of 9 Strains of the Good Bacteria existing in most probiotics, as mimicked by the digestive tract, can be dried-frozen ,thereby producing a powder which then can be encapsulated. With the EM Technology, Imsyser has been using a Liquid Cocktail that is produced to not only mimick the human gut at body/ room TEMTERATURE ( i.e. needs no refrigeration) but also has another 1/3 of the naturally existing strains of Good Bacteria that cannot be dried -frozen, since these need to live in symbiosis with each other in a LIQUID form.

Some of the newest studies have shown that there is whole range of conditions that are improved when a daily supplement is implemented, EVEN IN BABIES. Remember babies are born with the mommie’s discrepencies and this explains the colic within the first few hours or days of being born. Colic is merely a state of imbalance in the gut microme causing pain as bad bacteria are either introduced or the imbalance aggravated. This gaseousness causes the resultant pain and therefore the crying, not even mentioning the emotional/cognitive ‘support’ produced by such Good Bacteria.

Most diseased conditions are reliant on Good Immune functioning and in this very statement I believe the truth exists behind the importance of Good Bacteria for healthy functioning gut and therefore healthy functioning Immune Systems.

Sharing a statement by ‘Mayer and his colleagues’ where he suggested that our new understanding of the microbiome has initiated “a paradigm shift not only in medicine but in the basic and clinical domains of neuroscience.”

Visit the Imsyser website for more on its incredible products designed to support gut health not only in the removal of such toxic waste but the repair involved of the gut lining with our 12 STRAIN liquid pre&probiotic cocktail ( with natural digestive enzymes) supporting the gut health the way God originally designed it to work. Our offices have a call care no: 086 010 3859 for further enquiries. Imsyser Health Products can make a difference!!


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