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Bacteria Plays Role in Colon Cancer

Imsyser Sharing New Research: Bacteria Plays Role in Colon Cancer

Researchers have even begun to look at the: 89%  of cancerous tumours removed from the right side of the colon were covered in biofilm—a thick layer of densely packed colonies of bacteria.

“The presence of these biofilms may represent an increased likelihood of colon cancer and could offer a new way to predict a person’s risk for the disease’. ‘Like tooth plaque these biofilms may coat the mucus layer of cells lining the colon.’

The biofilms may cause inflammation and some noncancerous bowel diseases,’ said Dr. Cynthia Sears, professor of medicine and oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health… The risk: 5 x higher in people with biofilms on the right side of the colon.

Other research shows the connection between carb-rich diets and colon cancer. Certain bacteria thrive on sugar & produces a chemical that activates the growth of tumor cells. There’s a gene mutation that has been linked to one out of five cases on non-inherited colon cancer. This mutation prevents cells from repairing errors that arise during DNA replication. This is known as “the mismatch DNA repair system,” and it causes accelerated cell division. This research shows that carbohydrates and the bacteria that feed on them can speed up this dysfunctional process. Basically, carb-loving bacteria release a chemical that pushes colon cells that lack the ability to repair DNA errors to multiply in an uncontrollable manner, thereby producing tumors. As reported by Science News:13.

Following a well-balanced diet, with fewer refined sugars and more fiber, is good for the microbiome and most likely has an effect on cancer predisposition.”

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