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Baby Steps To Good Health But Solid Steps

Nothing has been achieved with long-term results when not done with good intention, solid follow through and a solid goal in mind be it weight-loss, health or for that matter anything else. Health is and should be that very same goal for all ages, all cultures, all people. If we don’t?? Well, quite simply, we are in a lot of trouble!

The root cause of most diseases lies in the fact that we have allowed modern day trends to destroy nature and, at root level, all food sources. Because of nutritional depletion at soil level we have allowed resultant modern day diseases to continue with more being added to the list of so-called auto-immune conditions literally day by day. The cause – always labelled ‘unknown’. The result – always misery upon misery, as we search for good results after treatment (usually meds upon meds) upon treatment. And the misery continues….

We will have to address our ways to rebuild our ‘health cultures’ and thereby ensure a potential ‘living legacy’ and not the one we are leaving our children presently! Our children are terribly malnutritioned and chronically dehydrated. You have only to look at school results, the behavioural patterns and the lack of energy amongst the youth to know that we have a serious problem.

How do we address this? Quite simply – Lifestyle changes!! More and better hydration. Better food sources, preferable only organic and, definitely, mostly green. More roughage for good gut health. This is all an education process and unfortunately as we have been brain washed by the media resulting in ‘meals on the run’, instant food supplies and the worst source of nutritional support than ever before in history.  Fast food is the name of the game. But sadly so…

Even with the best of intentions we have almost completely depleted plants of their nutritional and probiotic values. Now we need to supplement! Imsyser to the rescue!! A 12 STRAIN probiotic mimicking gut health literally to the T the way God designed, inclusive of the soil varieties so crucially needed for healthy gut balancing.

For optimal nutritional support the Imsyser range has an all natural supplement supplying all the essentials the body needs to optimise Immune functioning and so doing optimises healthy living by bring about a healthy balance as toxic overload is minimised at cellular level.

And topping it all up Imsyser has a 7 day detox, a deep intestinal cleanse to assist in cleaning out all that toxic waste to ensure future optimal gut functioning. With a clean gut lining the rest is obvious – good clear nutritional follow through to cellular level as nutrition is taken up all along the length of it, allowing easy passage into the body. And, of course, similarly, easy access of the waste out of the body with a clean, functional gut lining working optimal to improve overall Immunity and health.

As mentioned Imsyser to the rescue, literally and figuratively, as health is optimised the 100 % All Natural route. Available country-wide for all ages. Simply call 086 010 3859 or visit

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