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CALIFORNIA—A recent study conducted at the University of California and published in the journal Food and Nutrition found that avocados reduce inflammation and minimize the risk for disease.

The study noted that a diet high in sugar, processed foods, carbohydrates, and especially grilled meats (hamburgers) increases damaging levels of inflammation throughout your body. This is due to the protein found in grilled meats called Interleukin-6 (IL-6). Inflammation is the cause of many diseases (arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and more).

The study measured the participants’ blood serum levels of IL-6. The participants were fed a meal consisting of a hamburger with no avocado, and a meal that included an avocado with the hamburger. Their levels of IL-6 were measured 4 hours after they ate.

The team found that when the participants ate the hamburger with no avocado they experienced a 70 percent increase in inflammation. On the other hand, they found that when avocado was consumed with the hamburger the IL-6 levels were at a controlled 40 percent, and their triglyceride levels were not raised. Increased triglyceride levels are associated with heart disease and heart attack risk.

According to the lead study author, Dr. David Heber:

“This study supports the hypothesis that fresh avocado may help support normal vascular function, which is important for heart health.”

 If you are interested in minimizing your risk for disease by reducing inflammation throughout your body, you might want to consider adding avocado to your diet.

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