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Auto Immunity-Preparation for the Holidays

Question and Answer Time So often I get the feeling that people just don’t get the value add of this most amazing, truly unique product – the Imsyser Immune Support Tabs. And you will notice that I did use the word ‘Support’. And this is the ‘key’ to all the understanding behind how this products…


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Immune tabs

Question and Answer Time

So often I get the feeling that people just don’t get the value add of this most amazing, truly unique product – the Imsyser Immune Support Tabs. And you will notice that I did use the word ‘Support’. And this is the ‘key’ to all the understanding behind how this products was developed, why it was developed and how truly unique and amazing it is for the future of most our disease especially when the diagnoses is AUTO-IMMUNE.

Lets first discuss Auto Immunity

An immune deficiency disease occurs when the immune system is not working properly. If you are born with a deficiency or if there is a genetic cause, it is called primary immunodeficiency disease. In cases of immune system over activity, the body attacks and damages its own tissues (autoimmune diseases). Immune deficiency diseases decrease the body’s ability to fight invaders, causing vulnerability to infections.

Autoimmune disease occurs when, instead of attacking bacteria, viruses or other sources of infection, the immune system attacks healthy organs and tissues. … An environmental factor such as an infection, stress, medication, diet or even ultraviolet radiation then triggers the symptoms of the autoimmune disease.

There is no denying that with the overload of viruses, parasites and toxins of various natures we are at risk; incredible risk. So how do we deal with this? We deal with the toxic overload not only at gut level and this is the Imsyser speciality area but also at cellular level. and this is where most are ignorant to the value add of the Imsyser tabs. It is not just a supplement! It is however a brilliant supplement supplying all your essential needs from a wholefood perspective BUT more importantly the Imsyser Tabs is a super scavenger (anti-oxidant in nature) that on a daily bases scavenges for toxic overload at cellular level to ultimately secure internal balance and health. And this my dear friends is what has proven a life saver since 2006 – year of birth for this amazing product at Stellenbosch university amongst an amazing team of people who knew long before their time the value add of such a product.    

Questions & Answers asked….and believe you me you will remain astounded with this new knowledge!

Q: There are so many kinds of Antioxidants on the shelves and all seem to work. Why should I choose Imsyser?

A: Most of the antioxidants that are currently on the market work quite well. But one must remember that the only purpose of antioxidants is to get rid of free radicals in the body. This is a good thing, because free radicals are harmful to the body and certainly not good for your health. However, this ‘cleansing’ process only takes two to four weeks. What happens after that is quite important. Imsyser not only ‘cleanses’ the body of free radicals, but also puts back all 22 essential amino acids, 11 essential vitamins, 15 essential minerals and all three essential fatty acids (Omega -3, -6 and -9) in their wholefood state. Figuratively speaking, one must drain the old oil from your vehicle from time to time, but it’s just as important to put new oil back in again. And this is exactly what Imsyser does.

Q: Is Imsyser a medicine?

A: To register a product as a medicine is a very expensive exercise. To make any official recognized claims, a product must be put on a ‘trial run’. Done correctly with the right number of participants, such an undertaking can take anything from two to five years and could easily cost in excess of R 5 million. For this reason, the makers of Imsyser are not claiming that the product is a medicine, nor are they claiming that it is a cure. Instead Imsyser is classified as a ‘food supplement’. We have however over the past 8 years spent a lot of time , energy and money to register the products under the latest CAMS (Complementary Medicine) as required by Medical Control Council to fulfil all the necessary requirements to put and keep our products on shelf to serve you best within the latest compliance requirements.

Watch one of our many videos for more from the CEO…

Q: What does “essential” mean?

A: Essential means that your body cannot ‘produce’ or ‘manufacture’ this type of ‘food’ although it is vital for a healthy living. You therefore must supplement it and this is probably the one product that surpasses most in supplying such a wide array of these necessary essentials for optimal health.

There are two reasons why people do not get these essentials in their daily food intake:

1: Modern people no longer eat a balanced diet;

2: Even if people do enjoy a balanced diet, the food is often manipulated with chemicals – so a great deal of its nutritional value is lost.

Q: Are the plants and herbs used in Imsyser also treated with chemicals?


A: All plants are indigenous South African field plants and, for the most part, are harvested in the field. We take good care that these plants are not fertilized or treated with any chemicals.

Q: Is Imsyser an Immunity Booster?

A: No.

Imsyser is not an Immunity Booster, but rather an Immune system stabilizer or sensitizer. Imsyser brings an under or overactive immune system back to normal. It is after all about BALANCE.

Q: Can my immune system become overactive if I use an Immunity Booster?

A: Yes.

But Imsyser is NOT an immunity booster. An over-effective immune system is responsible for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, SLE (lupus), psoriasis, allergies, asthma, etc. That is why one cannot just presume that an immunity booster will aid in fighting a certain condition when it in fact worsens these conditions. And sadly this is something ‘joe public’ has only just starting learning when years into the booster craze they were doing themselves an injustice in many cases and many still probably are!!

Q: Is Imsyser a vitamin supplement?

A: Although Imsyser contains 11 essential vitamins, it is not classified as a vitamin supplement because the vitamins it contains do not occur in very high concentrations, they are also not added but sourced as part of the wholefood source. But Imsyser’s’ other beneficial properties (such as the provision of 22 essential amino acids and all three essential fatty acids) mean that it is far more than a simple vitamin supplement. There is yet a pharmacist that has not been able to confirm the incredible value in this amazing product. Even when RDA’s are viewed there is no competing when seen as a wholefood source is totally bio-available and nothing can compete with that!

Q: Can I replace any of my medication with Imsyser?

A: No.

First, Imsyser is not a medicine. It is a food supplement. Do NOT stop using any prescribed medicines when taking Imsyser. The product is perfectly safe for use with any other medication and one may even find that Imsyser can suppress most of the bad side effects caused by some medications, like those used in chemotherapy, for instance. In fact, Imsyser is so safe that even children and pregnant women can use it without any fear of side effects. My advise is always to start using Imsyser and with the help of a health practitioner as the condition improves to wean yourself off the meds over a long period under the specific guidance of the health specialist.

Q: Does Imsyser have any side effects?

A: No.

Because Imsyser has quite strong antioxidant values, one might experience a slight headache or excessive sweat production during the first three days. No other side effects have ever been reported. I like to se this as a good sign that the detox has started and nothing that cannot be managed with improved water intake to flush out all toxic overload.

Q: What if Imsyser does not help with my condition?

A: Even if the success ratio of Imsyser is very high, we do believe that, in some cases, too much damage has already been done to the body and therefore Imsyser will not be able to assist in turning the condition around. Also keep in mind that Imsyser is not a medicine or a quick cure. Instead, the product aids the body to heal itself by supplying the correct ‘food’ it needs to produce fighter cells that attend to biological malfunctions. Imsyser not only supplies essential amino acids and fatty acids, but also many beneficial, non-essential substances as well. Even if Imsyser may not help for a condition, we believe that it will result in a general feeling of well-being because it stimulates the immune system and assists in preventing other problematic conditions caused by the improper functioning of the immune system. The fact f the matter is that we cannot do without essential supplementation anyway so the value add id immeasurable in any case.

Q: For how long should I use Imsyser?

A: Because the benefits are ongoing, one should continue taking Imsyser indefinitely. Imsyser does not only detoxify the body by getting rid of free radicals, but also supplies amino acids and Omega -3, -6 and -9 fatty acids, which most modern diets fail to provide. The longer one uses Imsyser, the better the chances of maintaining optimum health. The mere fact that energy increases, improved health in various conditions and the constant bio-feedback has been proof enough in all the years to know that those that start never stop and if they have attempted to do so most go back to this amazing product.

Q: Is it possible to overdose with Imsyser?

A: No.

Imsyser contains no harmful chemicals, stimulants, colorants, preservatives or even herbal extracts, additives or extractions. As Imsyser is a ‘food supplement’ that contains only what you are supposed to get in a healthy diet, it is perfectly safe to use, even in huge quantities. Some people, especially those that suffer from cancer and HIV/Aids, have reported using up to 12 tablets a day with no known side effects. I would just ensure the tabs are taken earlier in the day – the tabs do assist with better sleeping but when taken to late might affect sleep due to natural energy release. So too we have had many use the product before and after a party to assist in preventing and or treating side effects/hangovers form too much partying!  

Q: Will my medical Aid pay for Imsyser?

A: Imsyser meets the requirement from medical aids by having a Nappi Code. We find that many medical aid programme make provision for food supplements as they cannot deny the resulting benefits, but, even so, it is still your medical aid’s prerogative whether to pay for Imsyser. You’ll have to check with yours to find out. 

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