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The “Auto-Immune” Puzzle

Auto-immune diseases and the physical, chemical, and emotional pain they create impacts millions of people all around the world. And the ‘trend’ is growing!

The primary way doctors treat these diseases is to prescribe immune-suppressing drugs or worse immune enhancing products.

I’m not saying you should not have the medical treatments in a state of emergency or if your health is suffering. But for many people, functional medicine, a form of Western alternative medicine that views the body as one integrated system, helps to make sense of the “auto-immune puzzle” many people face. I would almost go as far as saying that with the modern day toxic overload coming from every imaginable level that this problem is just going to get worse. It doesn’t matter what health issue I look at the underlying issues seem to stem from this auto-immune nature. So, we have a big problem, and understanding and serving your health best is the aim of the game and NOT adding more pollutants and toxic overloads by taking more drugs to ‘fix’ the problem!! You can’t and you won’t!!

Getting to know your body and your unique health struggles could help you get to the bottom of your auto-immune disease. And if you have a frequently mis-diagnosed auto-immune conditions ‘tuning in’ becomes even more important. Every single human being has a unique blood group as part of its unique God design and this is not your classic A, O Blood group but YOUR blood group that regulates YOUR body and instinctively ‘knew’ what to eat from the beginning of your creational being but, unfortunately, through modern day lifestyle attacks has stopped ‘knowing’. And this is where ‘YOU’ come in again. Rediscover. See what happens when you eat certain foods and listen to your body. Going green is very seldom wrong to start off and then slowly introduce other foods. And, worst case, have the tests done to assist you in this ‘case study’ called YOU and you will be amazed at how weight drops off, dis-eases simply stop existing and far far more. More energy! More Life!!

Unfortunately, a drug-centred approach has failed to achieve a meaningful outcome for many with auto-immune disease. It’s created an even greater health crisis  “The Prescription Pain Trap,” and the circle repeats itself over and over again.

So starting anew in 2017 could just be your year. The Imsyser product range was specifically designed for this new ‘craze’ of dis-eases. All of these modern day auto-immune dis-eases starting from toxicity issues; all needing modern day clean out and daily maintenance to assist your own very unique Immune System to function the way it was designed to do!!

So please visit or call our Imsyser HO @ 086 010 3859 and find out how this unique range of products might assist you on the recovery journey to health & wellness for 2017.

Step 1: 7 day deep intestinal Cleanse

Step 2: daily probiotic maintenance to improve gut functioining

Step 3: daily immune support assisting in a general cellular detox, ALL 100% NATURAL, naturally!!!

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