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Are You Suffering From These Issues?

  • IBS; Gas; Constipation; Diarrhea; Bloating; Poor digestion; re-flux; food intolerances; endometriosis; low energy; fatigue; Weight loss issues; psoriasis, acne &/or eczema; Sugar Cravings; aching joints;  inflammation…..and most of your chronic auto-immune discrepancies??

It’s all about Diet & Supplementation

Let’s face it our diet has literally gone to h……!! and in today’s world, there are so many overpriced synthetic supplements that are actually doing more harm than good to your body…the result even more chronic toxic overload at cellular and gut level than ever before. And, in this case, we are not mentioning the toxic water deposits and or all the meds, and or all the toxic pollutants added to out foods and products. And, so this list does not only remain un-ending but actually grows.

Let your food be your medicine is a matter of perception as well because the source of production is not organic you too do your body no favour in this regard. You go to the doctor, treat a symptom and guess what – there too you are being maimed!! Many companies selling products that are not getting to the root cause of the symptoms,  just camouflaging the issue and various others that soon will pop up over and above the existing issue.


The gut is where it all starts, without a well-functioning gut, you will struggle to loose weight, your digestion will not be consistent i.e. irregular bowel movements, feeling bloated all the time and your skin will loose it’s integrity i.e. acne/ psoriasis/ eczema. Not only this but there are HUGE links between our mental state i.e feelings like anxiety & depressive symptoms and our gut.

When the digestive system isn’t functioning you can start craving sugar your hormones may become imbalanced which unfortunately can eventually lead to problems like Endometriosis and various hormonal issues. These are becoming diagnosed more and more making it harder for women to become pregnant and men are losing their ability to perform, creating a whirlwind of conflicting emotional issues.  

Take Your First Step To Start Your Journey Of Healing Your Gut Naturally!

The Imsyser health Solution

Imsyser Health cares about our clients’ health. What we do is not different, how we do it, however, is what makes us different. Our products are unique. What makes them unique is that they were developed to support the body’s own natural defence system, your Immunity, through effective gut health:

  • 100% Natural
  • Suitable for All Ages
  • Cruelty Free
  • Non-Habit Forming

Our Flagship range consists of 3 Incredible Natural Health Products designed to create Balance from within. These 3 products are the ultimate health care range, as they assist in the rooting out of the cause of any ‘dis-eases’ by allowing a gentle cellular &/or gut detox whilst nourishing your Immunity with all the essential nutrition required to optimize your health, well-being and general Immunity, rather than just treating your ‘dis-ease’ symptoms.

Imsysers’ 3 Step Health Kit;  Your Ultimate Health Care Plan!

Being Happy, Starts with Being Healthy!

Imsyser offers a new approach in a market trend that is fast becoming the No.1 trend of the century!!

What else attributes to compromised gut health??

1. Diet: A diet high in refined sugar, alcohol, processed gluten & processed fats will do you no favour!

2. Try and reduce stress and sleep more. rest.

3. Drink enough good living water.

4. Cut out most toxic induced products but supplement with natural organic wholefood supplements. Of course, take a good probiotic daily. We need as our natural sources are pretty much depleted at soil and plant level.

5. work on your spiritual matters always forgiving. Many of the cancers have deep routed beginnings here.

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